ProjectBlog: Xnor’s AI2GO Service Provides Ready-To-Use Edge AI Models

Blog: Xnor’s AI2GO Service Provides Ready-To-Use Edge AI Models

Anyone who has even a passing interest in technology knows that artificial intelligence is a big deal right now. You’ve likely seen dozens of news headlines about how AI and machine learning is being used in all kinds of industries in order to improve efficiency and save money. But the fact is that setting up those AI systems is a very difficult task that requires a great deal of specialized expertise. That makes it prohibitively expensive for small businesses to develop their own AI models. But Xnor’s new AI2GO service provides ready-to-use AI models for machine learning on the edge.

The Xnor AI2GO service relies on the fact that most small business can benefit from existing artificial intelligence models. If you own a retail store and want to keep track of how many customers enter and exit the store, how long they browse, and which areas they spend the most time in, developing your own machine learning model would be difficult. You’d have to have the expertise to even understand how machine learning works, the technical skill to set up the system, and the resources to compile the material to train your model. Luckily that is a common use-case, and one that Xnor’s AI2GO service can provide a turnkey AI model for.

The service is straightforward enough that any technically-proficient person should be able to utilize it to deploy an AI model. All you have to do is select your platform, such as a Raspberry Pi 3, choose an industry, and then select the specific machine learning model you want to use. You’ll then be given a software package to download and install, and the AI will already be trained and ready to go. After signing up for an AI2GO account, you can start experimenting with the service for free. Then, if you’re ready to deploy your AI in a commercial setting, you can apply for a license. Updates and bug fixes are automatically pushed to your device, so you don’t have to worry about maintenance.

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