ProjectBlog: Would artificial intelligence like to say something about architecture? – Archinect

Blog: Would artificial intelligence like to say something about architecture? – Archinect

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    Would artificial intelligence like to say something about architecture?

    Shane Reiner-Roth

    Apr 26, ’19 10:07 AM EST

    Generative Floor Plans, by Stanislas Chaillou

    Generative Floor Plans, by Stanislas Chaillou

    Artificial Intelligence, as a discipline, has already been permeating countless fields, bringing means and methods to previously unresolved challenges, across industries. The advent of AI in Architecture is still in its early days but offers promising results. More than a mere opportunity, such potential represents for us a major step ahead, about to reshape the architectural discipline.Towards Data Science

    Stanislas Chaillou, a Master’s candidate in Architecture and Fulbright fellow at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, believes that artificial intelligence can offer in-depth analysis and alternative strategies to the design of floor plans. 

    Orientation Diagrams, by Stanislas Chaillou

    Chaillou argues that higher degrees of optimization, contextualization and classification are just a few of the benefits of applying artificial intelligence to the design of floor plans. “Generative Adversarial Neural Networks — or GANs– are here our weapon of choice,” Chaillou writes. “Within the field of AI, Neural Networks stands as a key field of investigation. The creative ability of such models has been recently evidenced, through the advent of Generative Adversarial Neural Networks. As any machine-learning model, GANs learn statistically significant phenomena among data presented to them.”

    GAN-enabled Space Layout under Morphing Footprint, b y Stanislas Chaillou

    We have already seen design software – such as Revit, BIM and CATIA –  simplify the task of detailing (typically dealt with in the Construction Design process, but what Chaillou and other architects influenced by the AI movement offer is an ease and verifiability of the Schematic Design process. “Far from thinking about AI as the new dogma in Architecture,” Chaillou concludes, “we conceive this field as a new challenge, full of potential, and promises. We see here the possibility for rich results, that will complement our practice and address some blind spots of our discipline.”

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