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Blog: Workplace analytics

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Embrace for workplace analytics

What is workplace analytics?

AI will be used in workplace analytics. Cameras will pass the feed to AI, It will start measuring the total time you are spending at your desk, swipes in and swipes out, tea breaks, gossips e.t.c, Yeah, it’s a telemetric device that helps in measuring your throughput and you know this data will be considered in your next promotion, Embrace for it.

No It doesn’t

It is more of measurement for tools that are aiding you in day to day tasks. For ex: How much time you are spending to fill up the water bottle and what is the waiting time? If it is more how can that be addressed to save your time?

Workplace analytics is more of analyzing the patterns around the office to help you save time on tedious tasks

Let’s take a company whose name is kacart, an e-commerce giant. In this, customer support is working day in and day out to help with customers who are facing troubles in various aspects like order placing, return pickups, refunds and even sometimes searching for a particular product.

Even with ample resources, Kacart CS is unable to meet its objective

As kacart is growing customer support team has also increased and the number of calls to customer care has also increased. Even after recruiting, CS is often overwhelmed with calls. At this point of time, kacart management is worried about the fact that even with calls to staff ratio is 1.5 times the industry prescribed number and still they are not able to help each call3r.

It’s time for hiring a consultancy group. This consultancy group, Let’s refer it as Drill. Drill has introduced workplace analytics in the kacart. After 3 months of careful study, it has concluded that CS team is indeed performing better than industry standards. Drill pinpointed that the lunch place is so small that people keep on waiting at pickup and drop lanes, that blocks more than half of the staff for 2 hours of the time in payments

Here Drill is a workplace analytics consultancy that is helping kacart to figure out efficiency problems. In the same way, AI in the workplace will help in understanding how newly introduced tools are helping in your day to day tasks. Few questions that can be answered using AI in the workplace are

Should continue using the tools or conduct webinars to educate the employees or buy new ones?

Workplace analytics helps in understanding your workplace and cater to your needs that are specific to your workplace

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