ProjectBlog: Will Artificial Intelligence Take Over Your Job?

Blog: Will Artificial Intelligence Take Over Your Job?

People, not machines, run the world. At least for now.

We have seen some people already losing their jobs to AI (Artificial Intelligence) in some jobs. With the advances in technology, are you worried you may be next? Is the world changing too fast? Will your freelance business be taken over by faster, cheaper, more efficient methods?

Not really. At least not until the day they figure out how to hold the charge on my iPhone for longer than 24 hours. Seriously, we can build rockets to fly to the moon but we can’t figure out a battery problem?

Here are some ways that you can make yourself invaluable:

Establish Trust

People always buy from those they like (this saying is definitely older than my grandma), and people tend to like those they trust.

How do you establish trust with a machine? Sure, you can trust it to always methodically perform the same task without any errors. And if your job is based on data-entry type of tasks, then AI might sweep over. Jobs like sales on the other hand, ain’t going nowhere.

Start With This. It’s Key.

Face time. Make a strong impression and create an authentic relationship with the client.

If your business is not going well, one of the reasons could be that you’re dreading picking up the phone or arranging a meeting and having a real conversation. In other words, in order to be killin’ it, you need to get outside of your home (and your comfort zone). If you own a business, this is an absolute must.

Nothing beats the beauty of truly connecting with a client about their life on how the kids have managed to crayon-paint the walls again or the aftermath your cat has left after going tornado on the toilet paper rolls.

If you freelance remotely, you can easily get face time with a client over FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger.

Give Your Clients A Reason To Come Back

What can you do to give your clients a reason to come back so that they don’t go for the cheaper option?

Differentiate. By listening.

What makes you stand out? There’s something you can do that AI can’t do as well, and that is listening. Listening to the client for their needs and using your human brain to come up with recommendations and strategies.

Be Interested In Your Client’s Business. Truly.

You’ve done your research and went above and beyond to understand your client’s company and issues. Now you are ready to rebuild their website or design their next marketing campaign.

Really listen, ask questions, dig deep, and uncover what is it that keeps your client up at night. Now you can truly connect and put yourself in a position to expertly solve their issue.

AI may not have the capability to have the client feel they are being understood. At least for now. Here is an interesting article that talks about demographic shifts (and not AI) being the greatest challenge in today’s workplace.

If you’re not a fan of picking up the phone or meeting in person, do it anyways (instead of spending time on crafting the perfect email). Connecting in person will add value as you build a meaningful relationship.

The key here is that is meaningful. Otherwise it’s robotic, and nobody likes those. And that’s exactly why AI won’t replace your business.

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

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