ProjectBlog: Why Now is the Best Time to Secure the Internet

Blog: Why Now is the Best Time to Secure the Internet

The latest tech trends that are shaping the way we do business and why secure Internet is important for the future of e-commerce

We have been watching the rise of several technology trends over the last decade. It might play a big impact on how companies do business — here we are going to explain why these trend are so powerful and the mission of hyper-securing communication in the Internet that HyperSphere is going to deliver to fuel the future growth of digital economy.

Technology convergence affects the way we do business

Technological convergence is the process in which different technological systems evolve together in order to perform tasks better. It makes people’s lives more convenient, providing easier access to the new things and experiences. The Internet so far is the best example of technological convergence because thanks to the internet we can access anything in the world. From the point of view of doing business, the Internet has changed the way people do business as well as how businesses and consumers interact. But is the current Internet is good enough to run modern business, which adopt new technologies more and more?

The Convergence Powered by the Growth of IoT, Big Data, AI and Robotics

Google trends show us that the peaks of several tech trends over past ten years are strongly interconnected: security, privacy, sharing economy and cryptocurrencies:

  • The peak of Cybersecurity (2016) is connected with the peak of Sharing Economy (2016) — when were the rise of the platform business models (PaaS) like Airbnb, Uber and so on.
  • As we can see the peak interest of Privacy (2018) — with GDPR and rise of big data and metadata as well as Crypto & Blockchain (2018) — as the alternative investments (new FinTech business models based on blockchain) that provides certain level of privacy.

We can observe that every time there is high interest to security and privacy — it is strongly connected to the data processing or transmitting as a result of new business models. The more digital business evolve, the more data and digital resources becomes significant.

So, we can say that privacy and security are extremely crucial for the further development of business and creation of new business models. Especially, taking into account that cloud-based business models as well as shared marketplaces of every kind will be evolving and Big Data will be playing crucial significance as business is getting more and more digital. For instance, McKinsey found that more both large and midsize enterprises are expected to move workloads to the cloud at a faster pace than in the past.

According to SAP’s survey, the three most important impacts that the convergence provides (according to 90% of respondents) are:

  • More business innovation
  • Measurable efficiencies of business
  • Competitive differentiation across the industries

So, to further innovate and create new business models, companies need an ultimate level of the Internet security, which will enforce the sharing consumption of data and computing resources. That is why we can say it is the best time now for HyperSphere to offer businesses a secure decentralized cloud, using which they can share digital resources and data, find new sources of monetization and unlock their full potential via creating business models.

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

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