ProjectBlog: Why I started Misha Analytica

Blog: Why I started Misha Analytica

Why I started Misha Analytica

I have been working in the energy and sustainability space for some 14 years.

Two of my biggest frustrations have been a lack of fundamental innovation within businesses and also the general deterioration of the environment, e.g. climate change and the oceans. Businesses die without innovation, we will die without a climate solution.

Having used tech to solve problems throughout this time I was particularly drawn to artificial intelligence and machine learning as tools to exponentially transform inefficiencies and create opportunities in business and society.

Typically AI has a number of key uses, such as:

  • For the classification of things or people, for example is this A or B? What will happen to it, how it will react, how it could change, etc.
  • It can also be used for anomaly detection, for example finding weirdness or errors in data.
  • Another common use is predicting values or outcomes, for example how much or how many? A great example of this is predicting energy consumption or prices.
  • With unsupervised learning structure can be found within data, illustrating patterns. For example a patterns within a population and to categorise that based on available data to better serve that population.
  • AI I can also be used to figure out what to do next, common uses are in autonomous vehicles.

Artificial Intelligence allows questions to be answered and solutions offered on a scale we haven’t previously seen. This is why I remain optimistic about the future.

David Brown runs a consultancy using AI and data science to solve some of the biggest problems facing the planet.

*this arrival was written with the aid of AI voice recognition but is entirely human in origin.

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

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