ProjectBlog: Why Humans will always have the upper hand AI?

Blog: Why Humans will always have the upper hand AI?

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In the same way that the Gods will always have the upper hand on Humans, Humans will always have the upper hand on AI. It is a question of who thinks in a more wholeness way. 
We had David Bohm, a theorist physicist and one of the fathers of quantum mechanics, to help us to think in a wholeness way, to think like the Gods, but we still don’t grasp it! 
And because we don’t grasp this wholeness thinking or as Aristotle would say “The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts” and instead we reinforce AI to think in a fragmented way like we Humans think generally, both in Science and in Arts, as a result we are always teaching AI to be inferior to us in spite of the millions of ours that AI could spent in the Google AlphaZero simulator.

In the following table, I will show a wholeness 5X5 Thinking Ways that the fragmented thinking of AI could never think about it! And this my 5×5 table is still fragmented because I’m not including the Enchantment of the Goddess wholeness thinking!

5×5 Thinking Ways

Last and the best, I would like to finish this article with a youtube from David Bohm about wholeness and fragmentation!

David Bohm speaks about Wholeness and Fragmentation

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