ProjectBlog: Why Collaborative Learning is Holistic And Yet Personalised

Blog: Why Collaborative Learning is Holistic And Yet Personalised

Education is universal but how people learn and lessons are taught tend to change from one geographical location to another. The way a student attends school and learns subjects in India is very different from the way a student does in the US. While theory is emphasised more in some places, a few countries take a more practical approach.

Despite the teaching approaches being diverse, the only way a student becomes a scholar is by taking in as much information about subjects in the classroom as possible.

If you look at it, it all boils down to the classroom experience of students and this is becoming very different today with the onset of new technologies. Like you already read in our previous medium article — the impact of technology on students’ academic achievements, the use of smart gadgets and artificial intelligence-powered machines indeed makes a big difference in students’ life.

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Intelligent education devices have really stepped up the game when it comes to teaching and learning in the modern age. From allowing teachers to simply pull out information, videos, images and other graphics from the internet to support their lessons to automating the process of tracking students performance, we are witnessing next-gen teachers in action.

They are passionate about technology and their work, allowing them to completely leverage the potential of it for the benefit of students.

Keeping such teachers (and to help others evolve) in mind are some of the most groundbreaking devices and systems in the market today. Systems like einsOS come bundled with tons of features, tools and applications to empower teachers and educators in making classes as meaningful as possible.

Of the number of features it offers, einsClass is one that is redefining classroom experiences. einsClass is designed for holistic yet personalised growth and understanding of subjects for every student in the class.

To understand how it works, let’s first get to know what collaborative learning is.

Collaborative Learning

In simple words, it’s a classroom environment, where students are grouped together for specific portions of a lesson or a project and made to work on them.

In such environments, both the individual contributions of team members and the overall performance of the team matter. The final semester projects Indian college students take up is an ideal example of collaborative learning but students are not introduced to this at least until they are 20.

Students should be introduced to such projects right from an early stage in school such as from their 5th grades because it fosters a space where students are more curious and enthusiastic. Nurturing those qualities would go on to become traits later in their lives.

How einsClass Helps in Collaborative Learning

einsClass is part of einsOS, which has multi-touch features and an interactive interface. One of the major advantages offered by einsClass is that it allows teachers to collaborate with students and turn learning into interactive group activities.

Personally, we have seen classrooms where science teachers used the tool to pull out the image of the human digestive system from the internet, used the interactive feature to erase the labels of the parts and conducted a quiz, segregating students into multiple groups.

We have also seen teachers using the concept of gamification in their sessions by creatively coming up with ‘premier league’ versions of tests and encouraging them to be more active and interactive.

This tool is also very practical to use. It has been developed keeping in mind the probable hurdles inexperienced teachers would face in handling advanced tech.

That’s why the tool only shows the primary screen intended for teaching and blocks anything from 3rd-party applications like notifications from web and even calls. This encourages seamless teaching and learning experience in a classroom.

If building a better world for tomorrow is one of the primary goals of education, we cannot achieve that by a generic, one-size-fits-all teaching concept. We have to be prepared to do the unthinkable in our sessions and make good use of the technology available to us.

In that way, collaborative learning is immensely influential in helping students come together as one, assist their teammates, learn from them, mentor them and learn subjects the way they should be learnt.

A collaborative tool like einsClass is complementary to this vision and objective and encourages students to always retain their zest when it comes to learning new things and doing assignments.

If you wish to have a system in place that automates learning, here’s your chance to book a free demo.

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