ProjectBlog: Why A.I matters

Blog: Why A.I matters

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere. It’s in your phone, it’s recommending Netflix movies to you, it’s assisting you in choosing products whenever you login to your Amazon account and someday it will be driving you around the city. A.I. is not just a hype or fad it’s a ground breaking technology and it’s evolving so much so that it is slowly becoming a part of our daily lives and there will be a point in time when this technology will be so deeply integrated into our lives and businesses that it will become less obvious to us that these intelligent algorithms are actually driving our daily tasks and businesses. Think of it this way, the qwerty keyboard in our smartphone has algorithms in action which are learning our every typing action and predicting the next obvious word to us. This is so common to us now that we easily ignore that it’s actually an A.I in action. The point is, day by day this technology has become such a common place in our lives that we don’t notice how important it is becoming in running the world.

So, I won’t be wrong when I say that the time where machine and man are co-existing is actually now and that is why A.I matters.

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

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