ProjectBlog: What must you know before securing a job in Data Science/AI?

Blog: What must you know before securing a job in Data Science/AI?

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If you’re here you have probably read/heard a lot about “How to break into the field”, “How AI is the future” and so on and so forth. But one can’t deny that there are a lot of speculations surrounding the Job market of the said field, as in, who pays top dollar? Will this job make me happy? Where on earth should I be, if I want to be a Data Scientist with a fat wallet and a big smile? And what’s all that talk about AI apocalypse?

To have some answers lets analyze 2018 StackOverflow survey data, available here.

I have filtered out the data to only include the following job roles,

— Data Analyst
 — Data Engineer
 — Data Scientist 
 — Machine Learning Engineer
 — Business Analyst

I will consider the top 10 countries by the maximum number of participants and Ireland (Ireland is not among the top 10 in terms of the survey participants, but I am curious, as many of my friends are opting Ireland for masters in data analytics)

1. Who pays top dollar?

Any guesses? Anyone?

All the salaries are converted into the United States dollar.

The United States is obviously willing to attract the best talent by paying top dollar. I was surprised to see Australia in second place. Ireland, Canada, and the UK are in respective 3rd, 4th, and 5th places. It is sad to see that India pays way less in comparison. If you speak English, good news to you, as all the top paying nations are English speaking countries.

Note: The average is calculated by excluding bottom 20(fresh graduates) and top 20(senior positions and extreme cases) percentiles. And all the responses reporting 0(zero) USD as salary are also excluded.

2. Are you satisfied with your job?

“Money is not everything” is quite a saying. So lets us also find out how most people feel about their jobs in respective countries.

We have satisfaction on 7 different scales from extremely satisfied to extremely dissatisfied, as evident from the legend.

It is amazing to see about 40% across all countries are extremely satisfied while 20% are moderately satisfied, and about 10% are slightly satisfied. That is a staggering 70% that are happy with their jobs. This is amazing news for the up and coming into the field.

Sentiment on AI

Alright, it pays well, most people that are doing this are happy, but…Where is it headed? Does it have a future? What is so likable about AI? Will AI take over? Who will stop it?

Let us see what does the working professionals think?

3. How does one feel about the future of AI?

If we look at the responses from professionals in the field of AI, from the below plot, the response is overwhelming on the positive note. Excitement won by a large margin over other sentiments.

Wow! from a newbie to the veteran in the industry, excitement is in the air. It is safe to say there is no backing down now.

4. What area in AI is more interesting?

Hold your horses, everyone?! We understand AI is exciting to you, but what is it that excites you about AI?

I see! the majority believe ‘automation of jobs’ is interesting about AI. Which seems reasonable as it will open our schedule to explore other things, maybe. And quite a lot choose not to answer. But it is interesting to note that, all the groups are equally interested in “AI making important decisions” and “AI surpassing human Intelligence”.

5. But what about the threat AI poses?

If(or should I say when) AI reaches its full potential, what is most scary?

Many choose not to answer for a what-so-ever reason. Is this because many are not aware of the threats it might pose? Or don’t they believe in AI being a threat? Or have they simply ignored the question? Whatever the reason, it is interesting to see many avoiding to answer.

Interesting to note that, there is an upward trend in no.of professionals worried about “algorithms make important decisions”. While the young don’t feel it, the old and experienced definitely are worried about it. Does this not remind of Elon and Mark’s statements about AI?

6. Who should take responsibility in preventing the AI apocalypse?

Should the creator be responsible for his/her creations? What do you think? Take a moment to think before looking at the poll.

I don’t know if AI really poses a threat in the near future, I personally believe it is individuals responsibility to own up to the consequences of their work. And I am glad the world agrees with me, as it is evident from the plot above. 40% believe it is an individual responsibility.

The sad part is the other 60% are looking a way to blame the government or Prominent Industry leaders or not owning responsibility at all.


Data Science/AI jobs are not only high in demand but also promise high pay and better job satisfaction among in worlds top English speaking countries namely US, UK, Ireland, Canada, and Australia.

All the professional age groups are excited about the future of AI. Most of them are mainly inclined towards having AI automating most of the jobs.

Industry veterans show major concern about letting “AI make important decisions”. While there are about 60% (not enough) don’t believe in taking responsibility for their actions in developing AI.

Here is the git repo. Feedback is welcome and appreciated.

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