ProjectBlog: What is the most interesting job for career growth in hot technologies like AI, robotics, and…

Blog: What is the most interesting job for career growth in hot technologies like AI, robotics, and…

Your question is quite interesting but it seems you are confused about which field to choose. And to make your final choice you want to weigh all the pros and cons and then take an educative decision.

Worry not, as I will share with you five or six jobs that are high in demand in each of the fields.

Profiles/jobs in demand in the field of Robotics

1. Robotics Engineer

2. Robotics Technician

3. Sales Engineer

4. Software Developer

5. Robotics Operator

Popular jobs in demand in the field of Blockchain

1. Blockchain Developer

2. Blockchain Project Manager

3. Blockchain Designer

4. Blockchain Quality Engineer

5. Blockchain Legal Consultant

Six most-in-demand artificial intelligence jobs

1. AI/Machine learning engineer

2. Data Scientist

3. Research Scientist

4. R&D Engineer

5. Business Intelligence Developer

6. Computer Vision Engineer

Are you still confused? If yes, then I will make things simpler for you…

In the field of Robotics — the demand for qualified robotics engineer has seen a tremendous growth rate at 13% in the last year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In the field of artificial intelligence- AI/Machine Learning Engineer is one of the most popular profile that recruiters seek. As per the study compiled by the Tencent Research Institute, there are only 300,000 AI engineers, however millions are still needed. So you still have a chance, go grab it.

In the field of Blockchain –Blockchain Developer is the most sought after a profile in the field of Blockchain. According to LinkedIn there has been a growth rate at 33x since last year.

I hope that now you will be able to decide and make your choice. However, if you wish to make your choice then remember that you need to acquire the basic skills required for each field. Once you have acquired the skills, you can enhance your learning curve with obtaining certifications from reputed credentialing bodies.

Certifications are those sharp-edged swords that will help you in cutting the competition and always stay ahead in your career.

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