ProjectBlog: What is Dataism? Part I

Blog: What is Dataism? Part I

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Our existing ideologies and -isms, are dataism’s first act.

The concept of dataism entered the world on the lips of a few intellectuals but explicitly promises to touch the lives of at least you and I. One premise states that it will proliferate from irrelevance to relevance to dominance. So far, the prophecy holds true. It has already passed up relevance and has it’s sights set on dominance.

Depending on who you talk to, dataism’s dominance may be quite unlike the other -ism’s of humanity. Those with the likes of communism, socialism, capitalism, Buddhism, and Judaism are to be dwarfed by dataism. Even more intriguing, it may not even be willed into existence by humans, corporations, or governments such as the -ism’s that came before. The dominance of liberated data may just be a natural progression of the universe obeying fundamental truths. On first read, dataism is the confluence of economics, ethics, politics, technology, religion, and all things that can be described with numbers, words, images, themes, stories, and information. But on second read, we realize to reverse the causal assumptions:

Economics, ethics, politics, technology, and religion are actually adolescent, underdeveloped implementations of dataism’s fundamentals. The ideological domains of our world are just distinguished waves on the surface of dataism.

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If you’re interested in the subject — add Homo Deus by Noah Yuval Harari to your reading list.

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