ProjectBlog: What are the current trends in AI?

Blog: What are the current trends in AI?

As a part of the digital world, we are witnessing the rise in technology, tools, and applications based on artificial intelligence, and Machine learning. With the rise 2019, Blockchain has also captured a considerable momentum on the tech ground by finding a place on the various enterprising sectors other than cryptocurrency. AI and Blockchain have found notable applications in the renowned sectors like healthcare, automobile, manufacturing, legal platforms, and agriculture.

Companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google, IBM, Microsoft, and more have brought AI, ML, and Blockchain in their ecosystem and created a new market trend.

• The rise of AI enabled chips that will improve the speed of training an AI model and perform the complex computational tasks

• The convergence of IoT and AI at the edge computing layer in the industrial level to perform outlier detection, root cause analysis, and predictive maintenance of the equipment as IoT is all set to become the biggest driver of artificial intelligence in the business world.

• Data scientist and developers have picked a neural network as the right tool to perform the complex task in an easy and simplified manner.

• Automated machine learning has evolved learning models that can address complex scenarios without going through the typical process of training ML models. It delivers the right level of customization through the elaborated workflow.

• And AI has the capability to automate DevOps through AIOps with the help of modern applications and infrastructure for generating log data to earn benefits from the convergence of AI and DevOps.

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