ProjectBlog: Welcome to The AI Foundation

Blog: Welcome to The AI Foundation

The AI Foundation is a non-profit & a for-profit organization working hand-in-hand to move the world forward with AI responsibly. We are bringing together many of the world’s top innovators, AI scientists, engineers, and investors, all united around the idea of making the power of AI available to each of us while protecting us from its dangers.

AI is an inevitable part of humanity, impacting all industries and all facets of society as a driver of rapid growth, productivity, and revolutionary change. AI has the power to gift us with new knowledge and to help us solve many of humanity’s oldest and most deep-rooted problems, to deliver a future where AI can make life and work indistinguishable from hobby and play.

AI revolutionizes how people connect, communicate, live, and work, and it creates massive wealth and power for those who own it.

AI brings great rewards, but also great dangers depending on who sets its objectives. Such dangers include bias and manipulation, as well as the loss of shared objective reality through Fake Media. AI could also trigger a labor revolution on a scale not seen since the Industrial Revolution. The division of wealth and power between AI-owners and AI-dependents could make today’s social divisions pale by comparison.

AI poses grave threats when it’s in the hands of the few, when it’s used to manipulate us, when it malfunctions, and when it divides us.

Our best chance lies in human-AI collaboration in which AI shares our objectives. We can only be protected, powerful and free when there is a plurality of AI objectives — as diversified and inclusive as possible. We all must be able to train and use our own AI, as we cannot allow corporations and governments to monopolize AI and define its objectives to their advantage. The only AI we will ever be able to really trust is our own!

We each need our own AI — to protect us, to make us wiser and more powerful, and to unlock abundance and create a better world.

With our own AI, we will be able to overcome many of today’s limitations and grow our impact in the world. We can become wiser and more powerful, establish more and better relationships, motivate and inspire more people, and preserve the value we create for much longer. This includes, of course, effective AI tools to anticipate and counteract the dangers of AI when it’s used to manipulate us, or when it malfunctions.

At the heart of the AI Foundation is a non-profit, established to anticipate and counteract the dangers of AI by giving each of us our own Guardian AI™ to protect ourselves and society against manipulation and to defend our freedoms. In addition, we also have a for-profit that builds, in the most responsible way, foundational technologies, products, and services focused on positive impact for the betterment of humanity.

Our mission is to move the world forward by giving each of us our own AI that shares our personal values and goals.

Amplifying our purpose is an exciting, undoubtedly positive approach to creating and utilizing our own AI. The most powerful way to further our purpose is through direct, one-on-one interactions with our community, friends, fans, and followers at an unprecedented scale. Our own AI can also give us access to new ways of celebrating what captivates us — our interests, our experiences and our perspectives. It can keep our loved connections alive, preserving their time, stories and experiences for centuries. All of this brings us closer to unlocking our full potential.

The AI Foundation was created with its unique dual-focus on your protection and unleashing the ultimate power of you. We hold a firm belief that when we all train and use our own AI, we can protect ourselves and society against AI manipulation and threats to our freedoms. We can leverage AI to create greater knowledge and wisdom, break down ancient barriers, resolve false tradeoffs, evolve to higher levels of consciousness, and ultimately build a better world for us all.

I can not think of anything more fulfilling or more fun. Come take this journey with us!

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