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Blog: Weekly innovation roundup! #4

Wolves with iPads, AI bodies, the next ai chart topper, and more…

By Francisco Jordão, Technical Lead at AnalogFolk

Welcome to the AnalogFolk weekly innovation roundup, where our technical lead Francisco Jordão summarises the innovations of the week; from the weird to the wonderful, and everything in-between.

OpenAI’s MuseNet AI generates novel 4-minute songs with 10 across a range of genres and styles

OpenAI’s MuseNet model can generate four-minute compositions with 10 different instruments across styles ‘from country to Mozart to the Beatles.’

Amazing AI generates entire bodies of people who don’t exist

A new AI algorithm can create photorealistic images of people’s bodies from scratch. It could automate models out of a job, but also be misused to mislead.

This chip was demoed at Jeff Bezos’s secretive tech conference. It could be key to the future of AI

The chip on show at Amazon’s MARS event — alongside karate-chopping robots and Martian bases — is many times more efficient than conventional silicon chips.

Scientists Gave Wolves Touchscreens to See If They’re Friendlier Than Dogs

Who gives out more treats, dogs or wolves? Wolves are more willing to help each other than dogs, according to an experiment that involved canines activating touchscreens with their noses.

What to expect from Google I/O 2019 — TechCrunch

Developer season has begun! Next week, Google will be putting on a big party at the pointy outdoor amphitheatre in Mountain View. It’s shaping up to be a biggie, too, if this week’s Google earnings call was any indication. Sundar Pichai teased out a number of upcoming offerings from the company that we can expect.

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