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In our series “We are Seervision” our employees introduce themselves and give a small insight into our growing company. This time: Zhejun Zhang, Computer Vision Lead

Zhejun, what are you responsible for at Seervision, what is your function?

My responsibility in the team is to make sure we have the state-of-the-art computer vision based person tracking algorithm. This is a whole pipeline that includes perception, estimation, path planning and control. Although I am assigned the task of component owner of perception, more often I consider myself as a bridge between computer vision and control.

Also I am “THE Chinese” in the team, which means I need to show up whenever the company has something to do with China. 
**and of course we’re incredibly grateful to dear Dr. Z.**

When did you start working for us?

I joined Seervision together with Orestis in September 2017.

How did you come to Seervision?

Summer 2017, I received an Email from my former supervisor Nikos asking me if I would like to do an internship with him. Since I finished all my courses and haven’t decided yet what to do for my master thesis, I considered this as a good deal and I said yes. With that I started my journey at Seervision, that’s six months internship, six months master thesis and now full-time employment.

Please tell us about your everyday life here at Seervision

A typical day for me in the office starts at eight in the morning (cuz the entrance opens at 8). Then depending on my TO-DOs I might have a

  1. coding day: do things like debugging, implementing features, proof of concepts.
  2. studying day: for reading paper, collecting knowledge and information etc.
  3. meeting day: interviews, discussions, team meetings.
  4. demo day: go outside and demonstrate our system!

Statistically there are 50% coding days, 30% studying days, 15% meeting days and 5% demo days. Sometimes I will also need a planning day to make some future plans and a Zen day to maintain my mental health.

“And I’m a game player. I enjoy playing and also watching videos and live streams. Let me name a few games I like (yeah finally! Who cares about movies or TV shows?).”

If you had to choose a project, which one did you like best so far and which one are you waiting for?

Maybe the “Lugano version” is my favorite project. That’s our system demonstrated in Lugano back in April 2018 while only four people were coding for the system. It’s kind of a milestone because it basically includes almost all functionalities and it’s quite stable. It’s a nice release even in today’s standard.

We work for the video industry, you must have some favorite TV-shows? What are they?

  1. Rick and Morty (where is season 4???)
  2. True Detective (season one of course)
  3. Planet Earth (that’s something you haven’t expected, right?)

Have you ever been in a gun fight?

And which movies are at the top of your rankings?

  1. Batman: The Dark Knight (best superhero movie ever)
  2. Spirited away (and also many other Japanese anime movies)
  3. Farewell my Concubine (to show my respect to Chinese movies from that good old time)

What do you look forward to the most when you come to work?

Challenges. I consider working at Seervision more challenging than pursuing a Ph.D. at ETH and that’s why I’m here. Also the potential to have huge impact on the real world. I hope one day we can make something that truly impresses people, not just customers but also people from academia and industry.

Which technology are you most interested in in the video industry, where do you see the future?

I’d like to see our automation solution changes the whole industry. I hope one day people would use our automated camera everywhere, on stages, in stadiums, on drones and even on mars rover.

And what else do you do when you’re not here with us? Do you have a special hobby or interest?

Cooking. I cook a lot. I cook for me and my girlfriend every evening for more than five years. Now it’s like a habit for me. Also I like foods, all kinds of foods, foods I never tried before! Often I travel to some places just for food (Milano, Barcelona, Tokyo, Hong Kong etc.)

And I’m a game player. I enjoy playing and also watching videos and live streams. Let me name a few games I like (yeah finally! Who cares about movies or TV shows?).

Dota2, Hearthstone, Don’t starve, To the moon, Stardew Valley, Dark souls, Breath of the Wild, Persona 5 and a lot more. Can’t wait to see what will appear on this year’s E3!!!

Thank you Dr. Z!

About Seervision

Seervision is a Swiss-based deep-tech company with a clear focus on the professional video and broadcast industry.

They have combined computer vision, machine learning, model predictive control and cinematography. The result is their adaptive motion control technology, which won the “Product of the Year Award” at NAB Las Vegas and the Swiss Technology Award. It transforms any camera into an autonomous camera! The hardware agnostic technology represents a revolutionary change in studio and sports production and leads to consistently high quality at significantly lower production costs.

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