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Blog: WBS (World Blockchain Summit Taipei) Developing Taiwan into Blockchain Island

The world’s biggest blockchain arrangement event the World Blockchain Summit appeared in New Taipei City on April 25th, uniting a sum of 30 top speakers from 12 countries and around the globe. To meet up to talk about the improvement openings in the Taiwan blockchain field and draw more than 300 peoples to take an interest in the event. The mayor chairman of New Taipei, Hou Youyi, additionally went to the gathering in person meeting and saw the marking of the “New North City Chuangli Square and new north city blockchain development office and the Dubai blockchain Center to fortify the data trade of blockchain between New Taipei city and Dubai City. Update, what’s to come is required to advance the sharing and trade of expert data and technology between the opposite sides. We also trust that through this worldwide heavyweight blockchain discussion, Xinbei will set up a closer collaboration association with the world in the field of development and technology and drive the new North bounce. It is a worldwide brilliant city.

The future regional government will never be missing from the improvement of forward-looking technology, and effectively lead the organization to surge. The cutting edge of the worldwide pattern let the world into the new North, with the new North to the universal. Hou Youyi the city mayor said that in the present time of fast social changes and quick mechanical changes, ability development is the way to modern aggressiveness, particularly for youngsters who will prevail later. Learning and advancement are the best hardware to address the difficulties. The significant assignment of the administration is to enable youngsters to get ready weapons. Subsequently, considering the worldwide blockchain blast, the regional government has effectively brought the front-end weapon-blockchain into New Taipei City. In addition to the fact that it went to the nearby government to build up the “New North City Blockchain Advancement Office” in 2018. Developing proficient gifts, this year (2019), we will additionally take a stab at the initial step of the “World Blockchain Summit” to be held in Taiwan, and welcome specialists from everywhere throughout the world to assemble to lead the pack in driving the new pattern of science and technology and let Xinbei City The youngsters are in accordance with the worldwide. It is normal that later, paying little respect to civil administrations or different ventures, it is conceivable to make individuals’ lives increasingly advantageous by presenting imaginative advances, for example, blockchain, and in the meantime, to advance the maintainable improvement of the city and make a savvy city that will fulfill the natives and practical.

As indicated by the Economic Development Agency, blockchain technology has gotten extraordinary consideration from varying backgrounds as of late. In any case, the utilization of blockchain isn’t constrained to cryptographic money, however can be generally utilized in banking, insurance, supply chain management, healthcare, real estate, and Systems administration, online music, etc., All industries business can utilize blockchain technology for flip-type developments. The worldwide blockchain business openings will reach $170 billion out of 2025. The advancement capability of the blockchain is perpetual. To get up to speed with the worldwide market, New Taipei City has achieved a collaboration aim with Dubai City through the summit and marked the New North City Advancement Square and New North City blockchain development office and the Dubai blockchain Center.

Comprehend the update, the tracking system is required to develop the sharing of expert data and technology between the opposite sides and want to utilize the experience of utilizing the blockchain to create keen smart cities communities and give New Taipei City more chances to rouse and watch learning. The EDB included that the “World Blockchain Summit” has been held in Dubai out of the blue since 2017. It has more than 15 locale including Hong Kong, Singapore, Berlin, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Canada and India. The blockchain key position is held in the district. The summit that appeared in New Taipei City from April 25 to 26 was the first in Taiwan, appearing New Taipei City has turned into a world-class city.

BCRC is to assist city governments in Asia pacific for developing into smart cities. This WBS is the first and more to come. This is the first milestone and achievement BCRC assisted and connected New Taipei City Government and Trescon to cohost this international summit for the landing opportunities of these leading technology + exploration of use cases into industries + developing into smart cities with the leading technologies (ABCD and BCRC would like to highlight one more as Experience

Artificial Intelligence


Cloud Computing

Big Data

The industries’ solid experience and system offer the most strategic location for the leading technologies to land where inspire innovation.

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