ProjectBlog: Watch ‘The State of AI: 2019’ Keynote

Blog: Watch ‘The State of AI: 2019’ Keynote

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Read “The State of AI 2019: Divergence”

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We recently launched our latest, ground-breaking AI research: ‘The State of AI 2019 — Divergence’ at the historic Royal Institution in London. It’s the unmissable guide to the latest developments in AI, and their implications, for entrepreneurs, corporate executives, investors and policy-makers. Watch the keynote presentation, above, in which I explain how:

  • among nations and companies, winners and losers are emerging in the race for adoption, the war for talent, and the competition for value creation;
  • the landscape for entrepreneurs is changing. Our unique analysis reveals how Europe’s 1,600 AI startups are maturing, navigating unique capital dynamics and bringing creative destruction to new industries;
  • as advances in AI technology (reinforcement learning, transfer learning and generative AI) make the impossible inevitable, AI presents profound opportunities and risks for companies and societies.

The State of AI 2019 draws on unique data and discussions with ecosystem participants to go beyond the hype and explain the reality of AI today, what is to come and how to take advantage. Watch the keynote above — or read the transcript.

I also discussed the Report on CNN:

Discussing The State of AI 2019: Divergence with Julia Chatterley on ‘First Move’ (CNN).

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