ProjectBlog: Voice Search: Challenge for the Future or Something That Already Exists?

Blog: Voice Search: Challenge for the Future or Something That Already Exists?

In the US, more than 1 billion of queries per months and 14 % of households have their own voice assistants. It is only a question of time when the trend, which has already become reality in the USA, will start to shape European and, subsequently, Czech households.

Voice search — what is it?

Most likely, you know “Siri” — an intelligent voice assistant, whom Apple device owners can issue voice commands. However, other home virtual assistants are available, such as “Google Home” (technically, it is a loudspeaker with the “artificial intelligence”) or “Alexa”, which can be used for web browsing sessions. The most frequently via Google, where — already for a while — you can turn on voice search by tapping the microphone icon.

You can use voice assistants to make phone calls or set your alarm time in the phone (let alone dozens of others different commands) or to browse Google. Would you like to know what the weather will be like? Google will give you an answer. What is the surface area of your city? Google will give you advice. Would you like to find the nearest pizzeria or pharmacy? Just use voice search.

Nowadays, voice assistants receive information about discounts and/or personalized offers from online retailers. The statistics below suggests that 52 % of users of voice-controlled devices want to obtain information about offers and sales!

Next Big Thing?

Speech recognition opportunities are not exhausted yet. Voice assistants can help you to do the shopping. Well, provided that the online store supports searches carried out by voice. Let’s read the statistics (2017) from the USA and Great Britain, and sales prediction. A massive increase in voice-commerce sales turnover is expected.

The survey, made by “” between 1,203 Americans using voice-supported shopping, concludes that today 25 % of consumers regularly order their home items through voice assistants. It means that they make recurring purchases. Other the most frequently voice-app purchased goods include apparel, games, music, and movies.

Local services, such as dry cleaning or hairdressers, are the least searched keywords.

Furthermore, the survey disclosed that the best part of voice shopping is its “hand-free” feature. In other words, you do not need notebook or mobile device. Other reasons, why users preferred this shopping method, included possibility to do other things at the same time. Some participants even noted that voice-assisted shopping was far more natural than PC shopping.

On the contrary, approximately 23 % of respondents claimed not to feel safe enough to disclose payment information over their voice assistant.

The dynamics of growth of this industry clearly indicates that voice-controlled services are big issue of the near future. Once we can create queries in the Czech language, this boom will begin also in the Czech Republic. Online shopping sites will need to optimize for running voice searches and will have to adjust their purchasing processes accordingly, to facilitate easy ordering.

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

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