Blog: Vietnam’s solution for AI breakthrough

In the era of 4.0 technology innovation, changing, adapting to and applying new technologies such as AI and Blockchain in production and operation is an indispensable trend for the sustainable socioeconomic growth. Base on the current status of AI development and relevant factors, Vietnam Government has pointed out strengths and weaknesses of its AI economy and breakthrough strategies to optimize the huge potential.

  1. Vietnam’s goal for AI development

Become an advanced country in the AI Age:

– Be advanced in AI applications in national governance, and create a new paradigm for other nations of the world.

– Be advanced in cooperating with AI international experts and obtaining international AI resources.

– Be advanced in developing a culture suited to the Age of AI; such a culture recognizes tradition but also accounts for the changes resulting from the application of AI.

Become an AI leader in Southeast Asia:

– Be a pioneer in developing a centralized smart decision-making system.

– Be a pioneer in the application of AI in public services, the economy, and society.

– Be a pioneer in the application of AI to state management and corporate governance. in the corporate governance, and state management AI application to corporates, tax management.

– Be a pioneer in AI products, promoting them worldwide.

– Be a pioneer in educating the public about AI and getting the public to embrace and appreciate AI.

2. Vietnam’s strategy for AI economy

AI in Vietnam lags behind that of advanced countries. To achieve its goals, Vietnam needs to have a distinctive breakthrough strategy. The main features of such a strategy are: Developing a comprehensive AI application in the administration, management and development of the country and creating a model for the use of AI for peace, security and prosperity, thereby setting up norms for an artificial intelligence society. Already, as a result of the principles of AI-Government developed for Vietnam by MDI in June, 2018, Vietnam has a pioneering vision of AI-Government and AI Age Culture.

  • Breakthrough strategy in selecting elite leaders: Selecting the people who have visionary ideas; the capacity to operate, lead, and create; the ability to attract intellectual resources from Vietnam’s top universities and corporations.
  • Breakthrough strategy in terms of mechanism: The development of a centralized decision-making mechanism is essential; the data and analysis stemming from it will allow assessments to be based on actual results and goals met by objective standards.
  • Breakthrough strategy for attracting leading intellectuals: Establish the Vietnam AI Guidance Council including strategists, policy makers, business leaders, and leading AI innovators; attracting the world’s leading AI thinkers, especially those from Boston, Silicon Valley, etc. along with leading figures of AI in Vietnam.
  • Breakthrough strategy for mobilizing society’s resources: Involve private businesses fully. Develop AI projects in those instances where there are appropriate solutions, ideas, intellectual resources and experts. Assess companies and organizations through their intellectual resources rather than only through their financial capital and properties.

(According to “Vietnam’s breakthrough strategy for AI economy” report by The Michael Dukakis Institute for Leadership and Innovation)

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium