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Blog: Velocitize Talks: Voice

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Voice on Voice for Velocitize Talks

WP Engine’s, VP of Brand & Communications, Eric Jones, caught up with VERSA’s Guy Munro to discuss all thing’s Voice in the latest ‘Velocitize’ Talks. Guy gives insights into how VERSA has grown and why we knew Voice was the next big thing. (Even before Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa had launched here in Australia)

Guy discusses how, Voice is a natural form of communication for all of us, intuitive, understandable and accessible. But the technology is still rapidly improving, particularly around natural language processing, tonal understanding, and visual integration. The devices in the market, currently do a great job interpreting human conversation, allowing users to ask a question, find a flight, have a chat or order a pizza, just by asking for it.

In Australia and other parts of South Asia, the Voice market is in its infancy, so the opportunity for brands to own this territory is huge. Think of it like the early days of domain (name) registration. In Voice, the equivalent to a domain is how a user invokes the experience, it’s called an invocation name. There is a window right now for brands to lean in, owning the space and ears of consumers. Like the early days of the web, the Voice will become more competitive, so considering how Voice can play a role now is an investment for the future of your brand.

At the moment we’re seeing a push/pull system with Voice. Consumers are looking for brands & platforms to jump on Voice, whereas brands are looking for enough users & engagement to invest in the channel.

One of the key take-away’s is about building the right foundation and use cases to test the market, this is why we run workshops with brands to understand why Voice is useful. This allows brands and thought leaders to understand Voice technology before building out an entire conversational strategy across experiential, marketing, search & v-commerce.

Check out the Video below to watch Eric & Guy. Thanks to WP Engine for having us on. See Velocitize Talks series here.

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