ProjectBlog: Utah: A hub for artificial intelligence – KUTV 2News

Blog: Utah: A hub for artificial intelligence – KUTV 2News


Take a drive down Interstate 15 and you can see for yourself that Utah’s tech sector is booming. The question is why and what’s driving this growth. There are many factors, but one industry expert says a lot of the growth has to do with a four-letter word called “data.”

In 2004, Dave Elkington founded Inside Sales, a sales technology platform.

“There are aspects of the technology here in Utah that are very unique and differentiating and it’s this data thing,” said Elkington.

To gather the data, Inside Sales uses artificial intelligence and collective intelligence.

“We’re actually not unique. Qualtrics is acquired for their data asset. DOMO is a unique data asset. Pluralsight, every one of these companies, even the young start-ups,” said Elkington.

Elkington says it’s the data that’s setting Utah tech companies apart–both big and small.

“What makes Silicon Slopes unique is this unique data asset and the machine learning groups at BYU and Utah State, at Dixie, SUU and all of these universities are partnering with these private companies to create these unique assets,” said Elkington.

That data — how it’s collected and used — has helped turn Inside Sales into a company valued at more than a billion dollars. It’s customers include Dell, American Express, Caesars Entertainment and many more large enterprises.

Elkington says that Inside Sales has more than 30 patents around different algorithms.

“Utah is going to become, if not already, known as the technology hub or the area where data and machine learning is prevalent,” Elkington added.

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