ProjectBlog: Using Algorithmia to Tag Images using python

Blog: Using Algorithmia to Tag Images using python

Algorithmia is market place for AI algorithm if you want to add some AI features to your project you can go Algorithmia Website select algorithm you want for your they have got a marketplace of over 5,000 algorithms for you to utilize. They’re powered by a community of over 70,000 amazing developers from all over the globe

Home page

Lets discuss the whole process step by step:

Step 1:

Go to Algorithmia Website

Step 2:

Press Signup button top right corner and create your account once you have signed up now login with those credentials

Login Page

Step 3

Once you have logged in you will see screen as shown below


There will list of algorithms you go through list and find Illustration Tagger and click on it

Step 4:

Illustration Tagger Dashboard

Once you are on Illustration tagger page here you see all details of this algorithm and when scroll down you will see code snippet to run the this algorithm in various languages

Code snippets

for python first you need to install algorithmia module to do this we need to type pip install algorithmia and it will install this module.

Step 5

Once we have installed algorithmia on your computer or laptop now we can run this code but as we can see a input dictionary has value to image key that value corresponds to the data present in algorithmia data source which can be accessed by clicking on data source in left column of algorithmia website to which is shown in picture below

Algorithmia Data source

Now to use image in code image must be present in data source and corresponding path must be given but if we want to use image from our computer or local machine so we first must upload image to data source then use it to do so we can use this line of code

code to upload picture to data source
My Data source

As i have data source repository named owais, in it i have data folder as well i can use this in code above to save file there but if you are running code for first time you need to create data source which you can do it by clicking on new data source and this create data source with name you will give then you copy that path and paste it in code and your image will be uploaded now everything else remain same

Step 6

This is the final code snippet

code snippet

I am using below given image as input

test image for running code
This is the output of the picture this is the github link for the code if anyone is wants me show the working of any other algorithm from algorithmia send me email at

Hope you like my like this blog see you soon with something fun unitll then

Happy Coding ❤

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