ProjectBlog: Using AI To Improve Growth Opportunities for Affiliate Networks

Blog: Using AI To Improve Growth Opportunities for Affiliate Networks

“Fast Business- Fast Innovations” is what the last year was all about. Many new tech innovations and newly found data privacy policy changes were seen pushing the online marketing industry to evolve. Artificial Intelligence has been and still is one such most-talked- about tech innovation of the last year and is definitely going to affect Affiliate marketing in 2019, of course for the better.

The potential for predictive and suggestive technology in marketing is massive and it is already being demonstrated how AI can interpret and ‘learn’ from data. It enables you, as an online marketer, to gain a clear understanding of customer engagement, user behavior, their purchasing patterns and more. Machine learning powered tools can analyze data really fast and can fetch you fresh insights regarding where to focus your efforts more and can even suggest the kind of content that can fetch you more rewards.

AI and Machine Learning powered tools offer a plethora of benefits to publishers, marketers as well as affiliate networks. It is really important to understand and apply the benefits of AI to get the best out of your Digital Marketing campaigns.

Here are a few areas where AI is being used to improve growth opportunities for Affiliate Networks.

Performance optimization

Affiliate marketing has its own level of competition which is rising as its gaining more and more popularity in the marketing funnel in the digital marketing industry. Such a rising level of competition demands a strategic optimization of the ad campaigns more than ever to get as much value out of your spend. Through machine learning or AI, you can improve the placements and get real-time optimization or targeting, headlines, and imagery. AI has put on the table the features like dynamic creative, audience matching and built-in split testing which can help you reduce your cost per acquisition and boost up the bottom lines. The advanced AI algorithms will definitely help you to study and analyze the performance of all your campaigns effectively.

Campaign recommendations

For you to do the split -testing and figure out which of your campaign has strong potential AI algorithms go through different “ generations” which is quite interesting. With this approach, you can effectively track your results. Backtracking is another feature that AI provides with which you can revisit the old points and can take necessary actions to make a proper choice of the campaign that it recommends. Machine learning technologies like “ Talking Ads Machine Learning Algorithms” can improve the speed while analyzing the details and bringing forward the trends that can be acted on. Read more

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