Blog: Use of AI in Operations of Federal Agencies and Non-profits

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is imperative for modernizing the public sector. Developing the path to an AI-connected government agency may sound like challenging to some extent, but it is inevitable as AI becomes more powerful.

In fact, most of the nations like China and the U.S. are already are directing their federal agencies to view into launching and expanding AI initiatives to promote their missions. According to recent researches, advanced applications of AI could save millions of staff hours and can potentially free up the government workforce’s time.

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AI in action: Public safety has become one of the primary concerns for any government agency to ensure high levels of surveillance for people and their properties. Today’s most of the investigation departments are facing struggles to apprehend suspects and also to resolve cases quickly. Typically, these processes will take a long time and can be very arduous while doing manually. Read More…

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