ProjectBlog: Unravelling Artificial Intelligence: An era of Technology Disruption

Blog: Unravelling Artificial Intelligence: An era of Technology Disruption

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More than ever AI has been important in our lives today. With excessive production of data, advanced usage of algorithms and improvements made in the field of computing and storage, the enthusiasm for this technology does not cease. Artificial intelligence has impacted the automating businesses in a manner that the growing interest in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and deep learning has seen leaps and bounds and is getting immense popularity in the IT industry these days.

IT professionals with AI skills are treated like start athletes making bidding wars for services. Artificial intelligence as a term has been long deemed like a science fiction, where machine will start thinking like humans or try helping the human kind or can act as ungrateful machines that will try to wipe out the human race. By 2035, AI predicts to boost the economic growth by 1.7% across 16 industries. AI companies that have prepared budgeting for certified professionals such as artificial intelligence certification, artificial intelligence engineer certification will be considered by many companies.

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