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Data analysis is mandatory nowadays in any industry. Traditionally, Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM) telemetry compilation has been the norm along all the projects and its assessment has helped to understand better how the machines interact with the environment. The issue starts once the comparison among different machines becomes a need. It is well known that the way of data registration differs significantly among the different TBM suppliers, and sometimes also even within machines under same branch, since not all the machines are installed with the same features.

The Tunnel Industry should make an effort to unify the whole TBM data in a single file template containing all telemetry parameters in a proper order. They would be allocated beforehand, so the analysis between machines of different sizes, suppliers and even countries would become easily manageable avoiding the preprocessing time, sometimes the most percentage of the whole process.

The aim of this master file could be become a worldwide reference for future projects, unifying the data criteria and to improve the quality and productivity of the tunnelling analysis.

It is understood that the advance in new technology and new tunnelling features could create in future the definition of new parameters. The master file should be created taking account this approach, facilitating the incorporation of new items to the list, or just expand them.

Once the database is homogeneous, artificial intelligence through machine learning, or even deep learning will speed up drastically any study or analysis that nowadays can take months. We are taking about the acceleration of the world wide tunnelling knowledge…

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