ProjectBlog: Understanding Collective Intelligence

Blog: Understanding Collective Intelligence

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How CI Works

You may have heard of Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Business Intelligence (BI), but many of you probably haven’t heard of Collective Intelligence (CI). CI exists organically in nature but when stop and consider how you’ll recognize that CI is tied to a system and rules. Much like the game of soccer, a system with controls is scalable and can be played by anyone, anywhere in the world.

Collective Intelligence is a ​shared intelligence that emerges from the collaboration and collective efforts of many individuals to advance decision making. Simply put, it is groups of people working towards a common goal.

“For a long time, the most important contribution of computers won’t be artificial intelligence; it will be hyperconnectivity — connecting human minds to each other in new ways and at unprecedented scales.” — Thomas Malone (Prof. of CI at MIT)

Unlike other tools, bnotes is a system that allows for the documentation and communication of thoughts across teams as they advance towards their goals. It helps ensure transparency and optics so that all members/stakeholders stay on the same page.

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