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Blog: Toyota AI Ventures Talent Network Featured Jobs: Embedded Systems & Perception Engineer and AI…

Photo courtesy of Metawave

In this week’s Toyota AI Ventures Talent Network spotlight, we look at career opportunities at two portfolio companies that are developing technologies to help make autonomous driving safer: Metawave and Parallel Domain.

Embedded Systems and Perception Engineer, Metawave, Palo Alto, CA: Metawave, a startup revolutionizing wireless communications, is building high-performance, automotive radar technology for autonomous vehicles (AVs). It’s a dynamic, fast-growing startup, and the team has an opening for a collaborative Embedded Systems and Perception Engineer.

In this role, you would be responsible for designing and implementing an advanced perception system based on Metawave’s radar design and data. You would work with a passionate team to build a scalable machine learning engine that can use existing AI algorithms in multiple operation scenarios. You would also assist with the development of radar processor software, data analysis, and performance assessment and reporting. Metawave is looking for candidates who are comfortable with developing and running functional demonstrations.

This role is tailor-made for candidates with experience in perception development, embedded software design and architecture (Linux, CUDA, DriveWorks), multi-threading/multi-processing, and IP networking. You should also have strong C/C++ coding skills for algorithm’s production C code integration, debugging, compilation, and data log re-simulation. Metawave is looking for professionals who have a proven record of automotive, medical, or avionics software/system development expertise, and those who have a working familiarity with cameras and other sensors.

Qualifications for this role include a professional degree in systems engineering, automotive engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering, or computer engineering, and over two years of experience in one more of the following areas: machine learning, AI, or digital signal processing.

Get more information and apply here.

AI Systems Architect, Parallel Domain, Palo Alto, CA: Our portfolio company Parallel Domain believes that virtual environments hold the key to overcoming the logistical and safety challenges of teaching AVs to safely navigate diverse environments. The company’s content generation software enables developers to easily create configurable, highly detailed and scalable 3D virtual worlds that can be used to simulate various driving conditions, providing the miles needed to improve AV safety. Parallel Domain is currently looking for an experienced AI programmer to join the team as an AI Systems Architect to help craft core agents systems, such as traffic and pedestrian behavior, and further develop existing agent behavior models.

In this role, you would be a critical part of the existing Parallel Domain agent development team that is responsible for breathing life into 3D worlds. Part of your duties would require creating intelligent vehicles, pedestrians, and other agents that would simulate real world situations that AVs may face on the road.

Parallel Domain is looking to fill this role with a software engineer that has 5+ years of professional experience developing large-scale software systems and implementing multi-agent AI systems. Knowledge of C++ and Python is key, as is experience with traffic simulation and routing/navigation. The ideal candidate would also have strong 3D math skills and experience with mapping, ML research on agent behaviors, and traditional heuristic-based game AI models.

Find a more in-depth description and apply for the role here.

As always, you can find these positions, and hundreds of others, in our growing talent network. Apply here to join for free, and request private introductions to hiring managers at our portfolio companies.

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