ProjectBlog: Towards Prague as World Class AI Superhub

Blog: Towards Prague as World Class AI Superhub

Today, we have launched initiative aiming to turn Prague to one of the world AI superhub.

Founding members are two major universities — Charles University and Czech Technical University in Prague, Academy of Sciences and Prague City.

Prague universities already produce more than 100 AI engineers annually, the number which is comparable to major AI superhubs such as Montreal. The aim of is to attract and educate even more AI talent, substantially increase number of top AI researchers and transfer research outcomes to industry. Building strong Prague AI ecosystem and connecting it with regional and global AI hubs is essential component of future superhub. The aim is to grow the ecosystem in 5 years to 5000 AI jobs, 100 AI senior researchers and professors, 500 AI minor alumni and 50 AI startups annually.

Visit website to learn more about our goals and supporters. Let us know if you would like to join us.

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

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