ProjectBlog: Top Three RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Tools

Blog: Top Three RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Tools

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Robotics Process Automation

Robotics Process Automation (RPA) enables organizations to automate tasks in the same way as human techniques in applications and systems. Robotic automation interactions with existing IT architecture without the need for complex system integration. The RPA can be used to automate back-office workflow, infrastructure and process, which are laborious. These software bots can interact with an internal idea, site, user portal, etc.

RPA is a software program that runs on the PC, portable the mobile device of an end user. It is a continuation of commands that are executed by Bots under some defined set of business rules. The main purpose of Robotics process automation is to replace repetitive and boring administrative tasks performed by humans with a virtual workforce.

Top Three RPA tools


A Blue Prism is a software development company based in the UK in the field of robotic process automation. The group provides a software robot that helps automate back office administrative processes that function exactly like a human being.

Blue Prism software enables business operations to be agile and cost-effective, automating repetitive back-office processes, manuals and rules, and improving accuracy by developing the “Digital Workforce”. The Prism Blue Prism offers flowchart as a designer with drag and drop functionality to automate every stage of business processes.

Blue Prism Features:

In the previous sections of the article, we examined the details about Blue Prism and also went through a brief overview of Blue Prism, product.

• Enables safe and secure management of your virtual workforce (containing software robots)

• Is a complete automation solution

• It has a feature of different modes of espionage in the type of application

• Blue Prism also allows details

• Blue Prism provides encryption, load balancing and resources like auditing

• Has a feature of different modes of espionage in the application type. With its latest release (v6), it extends its support to Amazon AWS Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

• Many file types that vary from XML, CSV, Excel, PDF and all image types can be automated

• Blue Prism can also automate code written in Mainframe, Java, Windows applications and even included in applications based on

• There is absolutely no need to write any code when working with the blue tool Prism


UiPath is a robotic process automation tool used for Windows desktop automation. It is founded in 2005 by the Romanian businessmen Daniel Dines and Marius Tirca. It is used to automate repetitive and boring tasks. It also eliminates human presence. With drag-and-drop functionality for all activities, it is the simplest RPA path.

Uipath Features

Hosting options: can be hosted on virtual terminals or in the cloud environment

Application compatibility: it offers a facility to work with a wide variety of applications, including web and desktop applications.

Centralized repository: this feature helps to manipulate all robots simultaneously by users

Security measures: provides high security auto login functions to run the bots

Advanced solution Screenshot: Your scraping solution works with several types of applications, such as Java, .Net, PDF, Flash, Legacy and SAP with the utmost precision.

The best technique for modeling the business process: UIPath Studio provides excellence in automation with its model business process

Scalability and robustness: it is equipped with resources such as handling debugging mechanisms and handling exceptions. In addition, it deals with the activities of Artificial Intelligence like handling Outlook, Excel, PDF, etc.

3.Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere is a software developer of robotic process automation (RPA or RPAAI). … Automation Anywhere Enterprise combines traditional RPA with cognitive elements such as the natural language process and data reading in the structured ones.

Automation Anywhere Features:

• Provides bank-level security.

• Provides security through authentication, encryption, and credentials. Real-time reporting and analysis

• Provides platform independence

• Intelligent automation for business and IT tasks

• Quickly automates complex tasks

  • Creates automation tasks for simple activities

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