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Blog: Top Data Science Trends to Watch For in 2019

Data science is a common term in the present time. This was not the case five years ago because only a few people know about it at that time. Before moving further, you need to understand what is it? It is nothing but is a multidisciplinary blend of data inference, algorithm development, and technology. The given chart displays people’s interest in data science from 2011 to 2017.

There is a lot of buzz going on when it comes to major data science trends to watch in 2019. Each individual has their own prediction for data science trends to watch in 2019.

Anthony Goldbloom, CEO of Kaggle thinks that one will see departmental or business-specific teams in place of data centers whereas Thomas H. Davenport, Professor at the Babson College thinks that artificial intelligence (AI) will see advances in 2019. AI remained at the top position when people were asked about data trends to watch for in 2019.

2019 can be considered as the year of artificial intelligence. Why did I say this? Don’t know? Just look at the number of startups with AI in their business names or taglines. AI is everywhere and there is hardly any field which has remained untouched with its impact.

Now, we will discuss the top five data science trends that will see the light of the day in 2019.

Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Apps

The buzz created by AI in 2018 is likely to continue in 2019. The world is at a nascent stage of AI and the coming year will see a more advanced application of AI in almost every field. However, harnessing AI will still pose a challenge. You can see more intelligent apps developed using AI and machine learning.

Decision making will become a piece of cake with the incorporation of AI and improve the overall business experience. Automated machine learning will become commonplace and transform data science with improved data management.

Applications will mostly rely on AI to improve the overall experience. So, you can expect a rise in the number of intelligent apps.

Virtual Representation of Real World Objects

The digital representation of real-life physical objects backed by AI capabilities will become rampant. This technology can be used to solve business problems across businesses. Not only this, it will speed up the pace of real-time innovations too.

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) has already given way to massive transformations so you can expect more breakthroughs in this field in 2019. Human expectations from digital systems will surely rise.

Regulatory Schemes

A lot of data is generated every second and the pace of data generation increases by catalysts like IoT. With more data, data security becomes more important as everything depends on data. You can expect more data regulatory schemes to follow in 2019 as a security of data is the most important thing for each and every single entity whether it is an organization or an individual.

Data regulatory events like GDPR (European General Data Protection Regulation), which was enforced in May 2018 regulated data science practices to some extent. GDPR set up a boundary and limited the collection and management of personal data.

These regulatory activities will impact future predictive models. The recent cyberattacks have mandated the need for a less vulnerable data protection scheme. So, you can expect new protocols and procedures to secure data in 2019.


You can expect a lot of advancements in Blockchain technology, where the record of transactions made in bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency is maintained.

You can say to be a highly secured ledger as the Blockchain technology has far-reaching implications when it comes to data security. Still, you can see new security measures and processes in the coming year.

Edge Computing

With the growth of IoT, edge computing will become popular. The number of devices and sensors are increasing with the passing of each day so demand for edge computing will also increase.

Edge computing is necessary to maintain proximity to the source of information as it eliminates issues such as connectivity, latency, and bandwidth. Edge computing blended with cloud technology will make way for a coordinated structure just like a service-oriented model.

IDC predicts that by 2020, new cloud pricing models will service specific analytics workloads.


With these trends to prevail in the coming year, the future for innovation looks bright. You can expect data science to witness massive use and development in 2019. Digital space will replace conventional modes when it comes to human experience. The field of data science is expected to grow so investing in this field looks a profitable thing.

Summary: The given article talks about data science trends to watch for in 2019. After reading this article, you will surely want to invest in the field of data science.

Author Bio:

Paige Griffin is a seasoned Content Writer at Net Solutions, Los Angeles for 7 years with an expertise in blogging, writing creative and technical copy for direct response markets and promotional advertising for B2B and B2C industries. Born and brought up in New York, Paige holds a bachelors degree in English Literature. She has worked for industries like IT, Product Development, Lifestyle, Retail, among others. Besides her technical background, she is a poet by heart, who loves to connect with people through a dose of creativity and imagination.

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