ProjectBlog: Top 4 Enterprise Tech Trends to Watch for in 2019

Blog: Top 4 Enterprise Tech Trends to Watch for in 2019

Enterprises have become dependent on tech now more than ever. There are countless cutting-edge solutions incorporated into their internal and external process.

These range from automation to digitization of the entire workflow.

Staying tuned to current developments in the IT field allows organizations to stay on top of new technology implementations and best practices.

But since there are so many things happening in this landscape, one cannot always be sure and tell apart good trends from mundane solutions.

This is why we are here. After doing some digging, we discovered the following top 4 enterprise tech trends to watch for in 2019.

Privacy and Security

With GDPR going live in the first quarter of 2019, the EU has made it clear to everyone that the privacy and security of its residents are of paramount importance.

These new laws came as the answer to rising cybersecurity threats. In the past two years, we have witnessed some very disturbing developments affecting the major players across the industries.

Some of these attacks include the one on British Airways, which resulted in a payment data leak of 380,000 of their customers.

There was also an attack on SingHealth, which resulted in names, addresses, and medical files of 1.5 million people being stolen.

With data breach being labeled as the primary concern, it’s safe to assume that privacy and security will be the top enterprise tech trend in 2019, if not even beyond.

As cybersecurity becomes first on the priority list, we should expect enterprises investing heavily in the top-notch cybersecurity solutions, including antivirus, firewalls, secure infrastructure, and detailed policies.

We should also expect more enterprises outsourcing their internal cybersecurity efforts to firms specializing in this sort of thing.

As more and more enterprise intranets become connected to the internet, the level of threats will rise. This requires a complete revamp of the current policies and practices.

Artificial Intelligence

AI and machine learning are going to conquer the business landscape in 2019. What makes us say this? The overwhelming list of benefits AI offers to enterprises is very hard to resists:

  • Expert analysis of big data, powerful insights and actionable information
  • Automation of repetitive tasks and processes
  • Cut down operational expenses
  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Minimal risk of human errors
  • Forecasting of market trends, customer preferences, and behavior
  • Personalization of experience
  • Better workflow optimization
  • Identifying new sales opportunities and maximizing sales

There is also research that supports this claim. According to Gartner, AI adoption is already on the way.

Their projections tell us that AI adoption will reach its maximum by 2021. At this point, 30% of all word enterprises will be using AI. The current AI use cases include:

  • Personalization of marketing
  • More efficient voice and image search
  • Improved natural language processing for better customer experience
  • Smarter robots in the manufacturing process

In 2019 we should expect to see accelerated AI adoption rates.

AI will be in charge of important roles such as making infrastructure decisions, large-scale automation, solving big business problems, reducing operational costs via…

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