Blog: To Learn about CoinBene, the World’s Top Ten Coin Exchange!

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This time, we will learn about CoinBene! This cryptocurrency exchange is also closely related to AIPE.

CoinBene is a global cryptocurrency exchange with around 500 billion won of a daily trading volume on average. It is the world’s top ten cryptocurrency exchange.

CoinBene is also a mining exchange that issues its own cryptocurrency, CONI. It is listed as the cop coin, and it aims to solve a hacking problem which has been always a serious issue for all the exchanges.

The Cryptocurrency Police Project Team combines Internet users with modern blockchain / artificial intelligence technologies to solve major problems such as hacking and Internet fraud and provides a decentralized platform!

AIPE will be registered at Moonbase, one of CoinBene’s projects, on April 27th. 😊

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

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