ProjectBlog: Titan FX Teams Up with Shufti Pro to Build a Sound KYC/AML Structure

Blog: Titan FX Teams Up with Shufti Pro to Build a Sound KYC/AML Structure

Titan FX joins hand with Shufti Pro to establish KYC based user verifications

The reputed forex trading company, Titan FX joins forces with Shufti Pro to power its online client authentication system.

The foreign exchange landscape is an extremely fast-paced and evolving one, that collectively involves a daily trading volume of nearly $5 trillion. For such a high value of trading, the industry is highly regulated. One of the major requirements for a forex trading company is a secure and fraud-free client onboarding process. Carrying out a fast and seamless due diligence process for clients is imperative for a foreign exchange business. With the idea to implement a fast and convenient KYC and AML procedure, Titan FX approached Shufti Pro.

Titan FX is a tech-savvy online forex trading platform as well as a commodities broker. It deals with a global clientele through multiple technology-driven proprietary online trading platforms. Primarily, Titan is an ECN (Electronic Communications Networks) broker that connects participants in the currency markets with liquidity providers. For such a vastly spread out network of exchange, Titan counts on building client relationships through trust, security and value. Through Shufti Pro’s AI-driven verification software, they were able to build a comprehensive KYC/AML structure for a smooth client onboarding process.

Titan FX offers a comprehensive foreign and commodities exchange platform. They have a spread out international reach, and thus have to ensure that each client has authentic credentials. In addition to that, they needed to provide an efficient onboarding process, wherein Shufti Pro was able to provide a holistic, multi-layered verification process to verify users. Shufti Pro was able to provide Titan FX with a real-time verification process along with AML screening checks.

Reflecting on the association brokered between the two companies, Victor Fredung, CEO Shufti Pro said, “Working with Titan FX has proved to be a challenge as well as a growth opportunity. Shufti Pro is focused on pushing the boundaries of providing the best KYC and AML services through a combination tech of AI and HI (Human Intelligence). We aim to provide quality services to our clients and keep them satisfied by offering them valuable support.”

Managing Director, Audrius Bernotas, from Titan FX said the following about Shufti Pro’s services:

“Working with ShuftiPro has provided our company with plenty of useful resources. For our clients, our collaboration with ShuftiPro has provided them with a seamless verification process. As for the company, collaborating with ShuftiPro has greatly reduced the manual work required for customer verification and initial screening without losing high standards of AML/CTF procedures. Furthermore, ShuftiPro’s structured and easy to use information storage system makes on-going work with customers much easier.”

Shufti Pro is a leading KYC and AML verification provider that is focused on offering quality verification services for its clients. With universal language support, it can verify users from over 230 countries and is able to verify 3000+ different identity documents. It also provides AML screening checks that can screen users through 1000+ watchlists and 3000+ AML watchlists issued by global financial regulators.

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

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