ProjectBlog: This May…Can You Handle Amber’s Makeover?

Blog: This May…Can You Handle Amber’s Makeover?

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Summer is back and so is the grind. The unforgiving April sun has turned those long coffee breaks into short juice runs. After moving into a sparkly new office space last month, we gave our digital address a facelift to match. Come visit to check out our new UI and the latest on Amber.

But wait!

This summer we will also be rolling out a completely new dashboard powered by our own analytics engine! With these features, HRBPs can capture and decode the voice of the employee quicker and more accurately.


Actionable Intelligence: Now In Your Dashboard!

Amber’s dashboard is not only getting a new coat of paint, but more importantly, a completely new engine under the hood. The new dashboard is high on analytics, super accessible, and every metric that you see has a trend associated with it.

Amber Dashboard 2.0

From PTM to Mood Score, every last bit of data can now be drilled down even further and in real-time right on the dashboard. You no longer have to wait for detailed reports in your inbox!

How have we made this new dashboard even smarter?

Introducing TextSens

Amber regularly keeps in touch with employees and the volume of chat text she captures is simply too much for a human agent to go through manually and decipher employee sentiments at a macro level.


With TextSens, you can dramatically cut down the data-to-insight cycle for employee chats. As a one-of-a-kind powerful text analytics tool, it can help you quickly map out employee sentiments and pinpoint issues that need immediate resolution. The system tags and buckets chats by category so that you can easily access them and save troubleshooting time and effort.


Drop us a line at if you want to know what other tricks the dashboard can help you pull off.


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