ProjectBlog: This article was well written.

Blog: This article was well written.

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This article was well written. It was pretty thorough and informative without being too fastidiously technical. I have a much better grasp of what these technologies are, how they function and how they interact (or hope to interact in the future) with current and/or new technologies.

Today, in the developing stages of these emerging technologies, the excitement of the possibilities is through the roof. History bears witness to this innovative euphoria countless times. But as the article points out, we cannot imagine now in what ways our lives will ACTUALLY be affected by their integration into every layer of society and industry. We know just from recent experience, that the outcome is usually a mixed bag.

What does human history reveal in this regard? Almost all human innovation brings with it serious consequences. Once that step toward progress is taken, there is no going back regardless of the danger that those consequences pose to humans and the planet.

There’s no doubt this complex yet more autonomous, trustworthy and efficient automated future is coming our way. I share the author’s enthusiasm and hope for a better tomorrow. However, given our knowledge of human nature and history and the world’s current challenges (and our inability or unwillingness to find viable solutions to life-threatening problems), I can’t help feeling a sense of uneasiness and to a certain extent fear, as we progress into a world where the vast majority of humans are displaced by intelligent machines, tech masters become the new ruling class and potentially greater devastation is inflicted upon the planet.

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

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