ProjectBlog: These firms say artificial intelligence, robotics and cloud is the new tech – Pulse Nigeria

Blog: These firms say artificial intelligence, robotics and cloud is the new tech – Pulse Nigeria

The advent of Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, cloud technology and robotics will prove the competitive edge for businesses and individuals who want to remain ahead of the chasing pack, all the presenters said.

One of the presenters, Schneider Electric, demonstrated the importance of digitized power monitoring in commercial and industrial buildings to enhance energy efficiency and power reliability.

Smart power

In the face of Nigeria’s electricity woes and frequent power outages, Schneider Electric made a presentation on Digitizing Power Management to Drive Energy Efficiency, while highlighting the variables needed to preserve the safety of consumers and the lifespan of electrical equipment.

Ifeanyi Odoh, Head Business Development and Offer Marketing for Anglophone West Africa at Schneider Electric, explained how firms can save cost by deploying a range of Schneider Electric smart software that will automate power monitoring, protect electrical installations from overheating, power surges and fire.

He also enlightened the delegates on the possibility of detecting the health status of electrical installations by the use of these smart software.

“A good understanding of the issues with your equipment and installations will help you avert major electrical hazards via early prevention”, Odoh said.

Odoh averred that firms can better protect their equipment and resolve issues around power quality by leveraging the benefits of Schneider Electric EcoStruxure architecture.

The theme of the summit was Strategies for an Era of Multiplied Innovation and Automation.

The summit was focused on the increasing use of data for competitive advantage.

Speakers and panelists delivered presentations on how to help companies rethink the way they leverage information, harness emerging ICT solutions and facilitate organization-wide innovation, with the ultimate aim being to make their enterprises more agile, efficient and productive.

According to latest forecasts from the tech world, beyond 2022, the world will see large-scale automation with ubiquitous AI and robotics, the emergence of digital twins on a massive scale and exponential change in the competitive landscape. 

Tech pundits predict a new “IT world order”, woven around evolving technologies, new offerings, evolving business models and emerging digital transformation.

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