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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a rapidly growing technology, which has become an integral part of several organisations. Many companies have started deploying this recent technology to get a better reach among consumers and clients. In fact, the trends in AI have huge implications on several industries including software, healthcare, automobile, manufacturing and more.

The rapid progress of Artificial Intelligence has led to trends such as deep learning, facial recognition, privacy, AI-enabled chips and cloud computing. When implemented the right way, these trends have the potential to transform the entire industry and garner a lot of traction among users.

While there are several startups and organisations that use Artificial Intelligence across the world, Paris is home to some extraordinary startups that operate in the fields of AI and machine learning. And, if you are interested in working for such a startup, then here are Artificial Intelligence startups in Paris you should consider working for in 2019 as sourced from Dealroom.


Founders: Guillaume Lestrade, Thomas Rebaud
Funding: €60 million

Meero has been working on an AI-powered technology and marketplace since 2014 to make it easy to get good-looking photos of places and products. Initially, the company looked at the real estate market and worked with real estate companies to optimise the process of photography. It lets you find a photographer across numerous countries and is transparent when it comes to processes, contracts and prices to avoid surprises.


Founders: Gilles Wainrib, Thomas Clozel
Funding: €16.1 million

Predictive analytics company Owkin was founded in 2016 to work on medical data. The company’s predictive analytics and machine learning platform called Owkin Socrates lets pharmaceutical researchers analyse large amounts of medical data resulting in enhancements related to drug development.


Founders: Antoine Dusséaux, Nicolas Bustamante, Raphael Champeimont
Funding: €12 million

Previously, it was complicated for legal professionals to access the sources of law. In 2016, Doctrine was founded to make it easy for those in the field of law. This startup lets professionals access personalised, contextual and daily real-time legal information with the use of AI and machine learning.

Shift Technology

Founders: David Durrleman, Eric Sibony and Jeremy Jawish.
Funding: €89.2 million

Established in 2014, Shift Technology provides AI-based fraud detection for the insurance industry. Its fraud detection solution is called FORCE and is used by global insurers across all business sectors. The Paris-based startup has already provided fraud handlers with a decision-making platform designed to add efficiency to claims processing.


Founders: Mael Primet, Michael Fester, Rand Hindi
Funding: €22.5 million

Snips is a startup founded in 2013. It is an end-to-end solution with Speech Recognition and Natural Language Understanding. It enables manufacturers to add a customisable voice assistant to their product. Its voice platform based on Artificial Intelligence is available for connected devices. Notably, the voice assistant is touted to be on par with industry leaders – Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Dental Monitoring

Founders: Philippe Salah
Funding: €50 million

With this startup, your smartphone can capture tooth movements and communicate the details with your orthodontist. Founded in 2013, Dental Monitoring is the world’s first orthodontic monitoring solution. The startup lets you remotely control your treatment and warns your orthodontist of the changing conditions.


Founders: Reda Bouakel, Miroslav Petrov, Julien Henry

Fortia is a software company founded in 2012, which specialises in Artificial Intelligence applied to data processing, compliance management and complex business processes automation. The company deploys disruptive technologies to become a trendsetter in the industry and achieve strategic challenges. It has a client base of major international financial institutions across the world.


Founders: Olivier Binet, Tristan Croiset
Funding: €4.3 million

Founded in 2014, Karos is an innovative carpooling mobile app, which leverages big data, machine learning and geolocation/mobile technologies. The startup has developed a new public transportation system, which is affordable, ecological and comfortable. This system has revolutionised the way people commute from one point to another on a daily basis.


Founders: David Bessis, Jakob Haesler
Funding: €23.1 million

Tinyclues exists since 2010 and uses deep learning technology to offer a unique AI-first experience to companies to directly apply their campaign ideas. This startup lets large B2C companies plan intelligent and customer-centric marketing campaigns aligned with their business goals. With this startup, marketers will focus only on content and strategy to get maximised revenue and customer experience across channels.


Founders: Bernard Gilly, Christoph Posch, Ryad Benosman
Funding: €34 million

Prophesee formerly known as Chronocam was founded in 2014. It is the inventor of the most advanced neuromorphic vision system in the world. The patented technology used by the company introduces a new computer vision paradigm based on how the brain and eye work to improve the intelligence and efficiency of video processing. The sensors and camera systems from the company find use in areas such as industrial automation, autonomous vehicles, IoT, AR/VR and security and surveillance.

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