ProjectBlog: The Use Of AI and AR in Marketing

Blog: The Use Of AI and AR in Marketing

How Exactly Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powering Marketing?

Artificial intelligence marketing can help connect data science to execution. The process of filtering a vast amount of data was once impossible, which is now not only possible but quite manageable.

Artificial Intelligence Marketing

AI Marketing is a process of using customer data and AI concepts to improve customer journey.

The evolution of big data has made it possible for marketers to get a clear idea of their target group. With significant data insights, marketers can boost their campaign performance and ROI.

Core Benefits of AI Marketing

AI marketing has been gaining popularity among marketers as it provides some fantastic insights.

Find how AI influences marketing:

Smarter Ads

Smarter ads are created with account-based marketing solutions. AI gives insightful analysis for creating more intelligent ads. Online ads can be made more effective with AI solutions that dive deep into social profiles, keyword searches, and data.

Relying on Bots

AI can hugely help with customer service and retention in the future. Chat functions and direct-to-consumer engagement platforms are already getting help from AI bots. Companies can save expenditures and employee time with AI bot tactics. Moreover, the bots have access to the entire data over the internet like information, and search histories of customers, making them efficient than humans.

Continued Learning

AI can be used to incorporate previously found insights into new campaigns and optimise outreach to target the most relevant users.

Refined Content Delivery

Audience analytics can help you understand people on an individual level. AI can identify both potential clients or buyers, and deliver content most relevant to them.

More Intelligent Searches

With the advancement in technology, audiences are also becoming smarter. Thanks to social media and Google, people discover what they want faster than ever. AI can analyse your user’s search patterns and help you identify important areas.

How Exactly Is Augmented Reality (AR) Powering Marketing?

Augmented Reality

Remember what Pepsi brought at London bus stops back in 2014? The bus stop brought commuters in a fun world of aliens, robots, and UFOs. Many brands have already created successful campaigns through AR marketing.

The USP of AR marketing is that it enables an interactive experience. It creates a more realistic presentation of a product, delighting the customers.

Thus, AI marketing and AR marketing are not just some buzzwords being talked about a lot by marketers. These technologies have some real relevancy with efficient marketing and eventually business growth.

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

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