ProjectBlog: The Unwanted Technology Pile up

Blog: The Unwanted Technology Pile up

It’s been over a decade, and technology have grown in every sector possible. Today, human’s don’t just leverage digital technology to enhance their day to day lives but also leverage on the same technology to empower businesses around.

Last few years have been phenomenal, engineers have not just understood technology in form of data strings, but have also understood that the hit & try technology build over these years have created a vacuum to help unethical business practices gain momentum in market and have been a major cause of security and compliance breaches which has been a rising concern among CIO’s, National Security officers globally.

As we move ahead, we not only have to develop newer technologies to solve issues like mobile ad fraud, financial fraud, fake news, data breaches, genetic applications to help cure the incurable, enhance national security and foremost help the economics build trust in the countrymen to leverage such technology to build ethical and reliable products in future.

Scientist and engineers are facing an issue globally, to rebuild the entire technical ecosystem from a manual driven, biased model to automated biased free models. If data is the new oil, as they say, data science is putting the right refineries in place and building right systems for right applications.

Documenting 4 forward looking thoughts for cleaning the existing non-relevant technology systems in place and building systems that can be full-proof from getting rigged.

  1. Compliance should be redefined to architecture of the system in place, new tools and technologies need to be in place that check for authenticity and bias of the systems being developed.
  2. Understand the technology pile up in terms of process flow and automate the same using newer technologies and making sure it remains fully defensive and least manual driven.
  3. Never trust the user data or data that is being dependent on population (not people in this case) but look into the system data that is difficult to breach and easier to understand.
  4. We need to collaboratively bring all the stakeholders in one place and raise awareness around the newer technologies in place and what can virtually go wrong if we don’t define the rules to be used to create such systems at first place.

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