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While the importance of AI is undoubtedly growing at breakneck speed, little is known about influential actors in online social networks such as Twitter.

Trying to capture this very moment of AI-enthusiasm, Tweets with the #AI and #ArtificialIntelligence were collected (from March 19 to May 19).

Using Gephi 0.9.2 a visual representation of the retweet network was created. In total, 7’175 nodes represent an actor each, whereas 16’940 connections in between them are retweet connections. A node’s size is determined by the PageRank algorithm (for those who don’t know how this works: Page Rank is an iterative algorithm measuring the importance of each node within the network. It assigns each node a probability of ending up at that node after many clicks.)

Here’s what the network looks like:

So, who are those bright stars in the universe of Artificial Intelligence on Twitter?

Not an easy question, probably the only right answer is: “most certainly subject to change.” As the field of Artificial Intelligence is evolving dynamically the discussions on Twitter are, too.

Not happy with this answer? Stay tuned, to deep dive into “Issue supremacy on Twitter within the field of Artificial Intelligence” soon.

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium