ProjectBlog: The Time When Artificial Intelligence Catches Up And Surpasses People Is Not Far Away

Blog: The Time When Artificial Intelligence Catches Up And Surpasses People Is Not Far Away

At the current pace of scientific development, artificial intelligence can catch up and even surpass people in 50–100 years.

This idea was shared by Mr. Naoki Sugimoto, head of Japanese Parlo Robot Development Division, with artificial intelligence from FujiSoft Incorporated in an interview with Sputnik.

I think that when artificial intelligence transcends humans, so smart that you can confuse it with a person, then it will not be artificial intelligence, not a robot, but a new people that time will come but not fast.

I think the current may not need to worry about it, this will not happen in my life. It will be a new race, perhaps a field of religious or philosophical research, I don’t know how to say it.

But I don’t think it will soon appear that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can replace people, become people but be in 50–100 years, “Sugimoto said.

Although advising people not to be afraid, Japanese scientists think that people need to be alert now and take this issue seriously.

Like Mr. Sugimoto, many experts also warn that the rapid development of artificial intelligence today poses concerns about the future of people.

Wisdom is a double-edged sword, like fire that helps us to heat and cook food, but it will also burn us,” warned Ray Kurzweil, Google’s technical director.

Genius physicist Stephen Hawking even makes predictions about a resource conflict between humans and AI. According to him, artificial intelligence is likely to be “the worst event in human civilization history” if we can’t find a way to control its development.

Artificial intelligence will become dangerous as an autonomous weapon or turn into a means of oppressing people, causing hazards to their economies,” the British physicist said.

Do you feel that artificial intelligence is dangerous in the future in human life. I feel something must be exchanged, to develop, we need to risk. That is really necessary. What about you? Do you think like me? Please comment below to let me know how you feel. Thank you for reading my article.

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