ProjectBlog: The tale of Botenstein pt.1

Blog: The tale of Botenstein pt.1

The tale of Botenstein pt.1

Lately, I have thought of how my Chatbot could be “more human”.

It came to my mind Mary Shelley’s 1818 novel Frankenstein. Many people think Frankenstein is the monster that the scientist built, but if you have read it you know that Frankenstein is actually the name of the scientist and the name of the monster is… monster, creature, devil, thing, being, ogre[1].

What is the connection between my Chatbot and the monster? It is quite simple. The monster sought revenge on Dr. Frankenstein for not allowing it to fit into society, for not giving any human characteristic to it.

Chatbots that are truly robot-based, tree-decision based, with no flexibility to the user whatsoever are often taken for granted. Users tend to skip the Chatbot solution and search for human contact to solve their problems.

So, what should my Chatbot look like? Should it be “humanized” in order to make the users believe they are talking to a human agent? Well, no. Your chatbot should pre-think the problems users might have. Your chatbot should not only solve users problems, but also suggest other actions users could take to avoid having problems in the future.

Chatbots must aspire proactivity. Users cannot feel they are trapped into a loop when interacting with your chatbot. And you, as a developer, should ask your family and friends what they don’t like about Chatbots and apply the exact opposite on your case.

Take care everyone.

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

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