The first and foremost discovery/invention that forms the basis of our invention of A.G.I. at Automatski is the discovery of the functioning of the human Mind and what we call the Soul in 1990 CE. We kind of discovered, if not the meaning of life, but atleast the reality of life in this universe. Besides that no heaven or hell existed. This was it!

This led to a year long study on the limitations of the human brain and what we are capable of thinking and achieving and what is outside our bounds. How humans actually think, intelligent or not, using — vocabulary, ideas, analogies, uncertainty, random ideas, inventions & innovations, sleep

By 1995 CE we had figured out the most fundamental underlying algorithm using which the universe functions. We understood the deepest secrets of space, time etc. And that we cannot go back in time (Time Travel is impossible)

Around the same time between 1990–1995 CE we developed dozens of polynomial time deterministic solutions to NP-Complete Problems. And since A.I. is bound to have hundreds of problems which are going to be NP. This by far is the greatest invention at Automatski which led us to creating the worlds first A.G.I./A.I. in 2014 CE.

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium