ProjectBlog: The Screen Before My Dry Red Eyes

Blog: The Screen Before My Dry Red Eyes

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Well, it happened. Peak MindFuck.
Someone actually just informed me
that I need to try psychedelics. Why?
Because if I did, I’d realize that both
parties are identical and I’m being duped.

One word seemed to spark a thought and
off I went go chasing it, like a dog catching
the scent of a truffle and wandering off
into a forest in search of it.

It seemed as if the world was about to
become a whole lot more like a lucid dream,
where the future was less a place we arrived
at than a thing we created together.

As the screen before my dry red
eyes, buffers I think to myself

Magical thinking about machine learning
won’t bring the reality of AI any closer

Fuck Me, Elon Musk-backed OpenAI declines
to release research publicly for fear of misuse

Unchecked flaws in algorithms, and
even the technology itself, should put
a brake on the escalating use of big data

What will happen to my soul
If I become a functioning alcoholic?

New AI fake text generator may be too
dangerous to release, say creators

Why do Americans choose from just two people
to run for president and 50 for Miss America?

The Heroes and Villains of American Collapse
What Kind of Future Does America Have?
Why Don’t Americans Care About Their Society Imploding?

Does Amazon’s Retreat from New York
Signal the End of Corporate Subsidies?

America Proves Tech Isn’t a Panacea for Progress
We Can Have a World Without Work,
Or We Can Have Predatory Capitalism

My life has been spent in this strange netherworld
between “established counter culture artist”
and “who the fuck is that weird hobo?”

Hire an AI actor for new project, reading
a transcript of a fever dream in the hope, it
will receive recognition by the Screen Actors Guild,

said it in such a way that was designed
to grab attention, to be polarizing,
to get through bureaucratic doublespeak.
poetry as resistance in the meme era,
this memes artwar, we have gotten sick of it,
and that is the tragedy of humanity

something that the internet doesn’t know
it can’t tell me about the soul for the internet
can only rely on digital interpretations.

Honestly, Kierkegaard didn’t even know
what REAL despair was, because he never lived
with fake news, trolling, echo chambers,
filter bubbles, tweets, and selfies

Humanity is unconsciously living in
a psychedelic landscape and having a bad trip
It is rendering our fear, paranoia, greed, and panic.

“My battery is low and it’s getting dark” is
how I feel personally, politically, ecologically — just.
That is me in a nutshell.

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