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Blog: The Power of Analysis Technology: Making It Work for You

Under the hood of all of your favorite analysis techniques, processing power keeps getting more and more efficient, practical, and faster. And you can sort of appreciate that from an outside perspective as something that’s just “getting better”, but really, what does all of that analytic power (of analysis technology) mean to you?

If you think of it terms of email automation, Twitter analytics, blog traffic data aggregation, presentation of web trends, and how it affects the new push toward artificial intelligence, then you can start to understand why you might want to get excited about something as abstract as raw numbers.

Analysis Technology & You

Email Automation

For marketers, email communication is a double-edged sword. You want a streamlined version of back and forth that gives the right people the right information at the right time, but you don’t want to overdo it or get caught up in spam filters. New analysis technology is a huge help now, by providing the structure to enhance email automation capability. Essentially, using big data collection, an app can analyze certain parameters, and then decide when to send what types of email information to who — and do it all automatically!

Twitter Analytics

For people who use Twitter for marketing, new analytics techniques basically hold the key to the digital city. By understanding how commenting, retweeting, and linking work, and seeing what kind of effective web you create strictly based on numbers, you can tweak your message after every round of feedback in order to improve your marketing bottom line. Though the environment can and will change, the analytics will always keep you abreast of this, thus allowing your practical nature to thrive.

Blog Traffic

If you use your blog for marketing, then having powerful analytics behind you can mean the difference between success and failure as well. Simply knowing how and when people click different aspects of your site, and how much time they spend on certain pages, you can adjust every single aspect of your writing and presentation until you get the desired results you want.

Web Trends

A simple, awesome, and powerful tool right now that uses that latest technology under the hood of the Google universe is the ‘web trends’ concept. Basically, from Google’s main page, you can see with a great degree of accuracy what people are searching for, and where Google is sending them. You can use this analysis for any number of benefits in your own work.

The Power of Artificial Intelligence

And finally, lots of focus of sets of technology right now is all about pushing the limits of artificial intelligence. On a short-term level, you can get quick feedback in the form of analytics about pretty much any topic, but on the long-term level, before too long, you might even be able to have AI programs actually do your thinking for you!

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

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