ProjectBlog: The Post-Digital Era, through my eyes:

Blog: The Post-Digital Era, through my eyes:

Are we entering the “Post-Digital Era”?

Predictions foresee that in the next few years, different types of innovation will impact our worlds. Digital technologies are no longer new or innovative: instead, they have become part of our everyday lives, part of the norm. Within the few different upcoming technologies, artificial intelligence is predicted to be the most popular and important one. Are we, humans, about to get replaced by robots? When I call a company’s customer service and I am given an automated service to talk to, it personally drives me a bit crazy… It never works the way a human would respond to me. To think that big corporations cannot invest in additional workforce makes me a bit mad. Clearly robots cannot achieve what humans can… But can they achieve even more?

This class has opened my eyes a bit more to artificial intelligence. It has given me the opportunity to better understand the future impact and power of this upcoming technology. I do not think I has realized how far we can go with the application of new technologies. A future controlled by AI is promising, but to me, it is a little scary too. Of course, I understand that AI could potentially help our world cure cancer, improve healthcare around the world, but it could also lead to high unemployment rates. AI could also hurt people, enhance terrorism and crime, if used by nefarious purposes. Data security is also a considerable negative impact that AI could develop. Our current data is stored on massive servers and clouds, but wouldn’t it be so easy to access it all with technology? It is unfortunate that we have to control new technologies this way, but with careful control carefully and gradual usage, AI could also lead to a beautiful future: The Post Digital Era…

Artificial Intelligence clearly has a strong duality: it should not be seen as a weapon; it is a strong and powerful tool that just needs to be used with control and should be properly governed. I am particularly interested in how AI can impact the medical field. Indeed, AI has the power to reshape this industry by acting as the main player in the automated processes, diagnosis and treatment of patients who require care. It has the potential to be truly life-changing: it can improve access, affordability and effectiveness. For example, AI has already hugely impacted nutrition and dieting: it helps create personalized data specifically tailored to individual’s needs and bodies. Health is all about disease prevention and I truly believe that “we are what we eat” — if we can use food as a medicine to prevent illnesses with the help of AI, that would be incredible. Additionally, AI has also tremendously assisted the robotic surgery field. Indeed, robots can analyze data and guide surgeons during a surgery, and it is considered minimally invasive. When it comes to a life and death decision, the promise of AI to improve outcome is very promising.

Everything considered, the rise of machine is scary, but, this class has also shown me that with careful control and administration, machines can also help and support us advance to a better future…

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