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Blog: The Moon is Beautiful — I Wish You Were Here

To claim this world, blue vapor without end:
how heaven pulls earth into its arms
First steps across a room . . . [ upright windows,
where the light prism used to hang with its sunlight;
walls now locked flat, without shutters to hello moon with her soft, dark

— hands;
where a door once stabbed light-picks through a winking keyhole,
wishes darkly now [so forgetful] for its lost hinges…
to walk this world, smaller than a pace, that pace squared
off wise into well-meaning paths: the carpet runs slowly
over synthetic green blades [this sort of feels

— the same,
of course, they are not]; feet move slow to the wall smiling,
opening up the mouth where our happy drones deliver subsistence…
to see this world, so much larger and boundless than me — 
upside the old window is where I spend my works and free times:
updates to my console and visor have improved vision

— greatly;
untold hours I spend, and spend, and spend… looking in awe — 
(ugly soils and burnt debris) I see my golem touch a water lily…
to claim this world, black void without life — 
rockets flash still [launching what I do not know]; Super-X [such success],
rapidly fielded to lay in the sea of serenity, our new home

— we are building;
robotic fingers, eyes moving mountains, metal hands mold new-gray stardust
rapidly forming another earth like substance to be home.

— — — [To be home] …

Last night I was dreaming [Yes. Medication still in the mornings];
to hear this world, sounds that I think our generators must make — 
wonderful noises of a growling animal that digs for our energies;
woken me up to listen closer with eyelids still closed, mind

— awake;
winds of the cosmos move our space windmills [breath of Luna, sigh of Mars],
workings of the androids with feet clinking on stone, stone of our soon home.
to taste this world [from my box with no windows] a splendid escape — 
of my mind to remember for a moment — a time from before the hive-helmet;
of my heart to recall a song long ago — a melody made, notes unwrote on skin-

— tattoos;
oh, it was a dream (so ached a bit) — my heart did cry some salt [salt wasted];
oh, it was a dream (so it wanted more) — my mind did clutch at it so greedily.
to know this world [outside my box with no windows] must exist, it must — 
unseen like my water lily, well known vicariously from my mechanical friends;
unknown but a truth that is generous, filmed for us to watch on consoles

— serene;
untouched — the sound of its namesake [waters-waves so calmly held static];
unknown this quiet sea of serenity, a heavenly space for us to settle down.
to claim this world, this end showing us the beginning — 
raptures of feeling with thoughts do fill me [fill me up];
rupturing new, near a love of the old stories [fill up my box]

[ — — — ];
reclaiming words forgotten in the new archives, worlds [filling data stores] — 
rewards, our shining rewards [promised and promised] — Will they be ours?

How much more energy is needed?

This is not fantasy [this is our life]
and what I see is an aberration. ]
Doctor, you say there are no halos?

MaggotsX @ 04.04.2019
John R. Hampton

Thanks for the photo! — Photo by Rahul from Pexels

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