ProjectBlog: The Many Advantages of AR Adoption in Education

Blog: The Many Advantages of AR Adoption in Education

If you are in the education industry and assume there’s not much to offer you in tech, you’re neglecting something crucial for your growth.

One of the top technologies that are expected to rule the entire education industry in the coming years is Augmented Reality.

Undoubtedly, AR is the most buzzed-about EdTech trend in 2019. If you look at the statistics of this industry, then you will be shocked to realize that technology in education is rising at a fast pace. Here is a graphical representation which shows that e-learning market will reach to 243.8 million U.S dollars in 2022.

Latest technologies like Augmented reality and virtual reality are rocking the education world. They are offering out of the box experiences to learners and teachers. Before understanding about the ways in which AR is adding on the education in contemporary times, let’s understand its core meaning.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is providing us computer-generated sounds and visuals. It provides a composite depiction to the view of the real world of the humans. A user can enjoy enhanced interactive auditory and visual elements.

Virtual reality brings into light a totally different world but augmented reality only adds some elements into the existing world. AR apps are always in the news today, from Apple’s ARKit adding features like motion captions which made AR in their devices more real to Google’s new tool that lets Android users view moving animals, everything in AR is trending.

Some of the top AR apps examples are:

● BBC civilizations AR

● Pokemon GO

● Google translate

● WallMe

Why businesses should adopt AR in education?

What is the most important factor to be considered while adding something to your services? Isn’t your business all about customer satisfaction? It is important to know what your customers are expecting and in the education industry, your customers are learners.

Let’s see what are the opinions of students for digital learning technologies. As of 2016, here is a result of a survey on US college students by, most of them prefer to learn with the latest technologies.

In 2019, these students are craving for these leaning tools more. The demand of customers is increasing for innovative augmented reality solutions. Hence, as a smart business person, you must choose to use them as an add-on to your services.

If you are still dicey about using AR app development in your education business then let’s scrutinize the ways in which it can affect the delivery of education services.

Here are the top benefits of augmented reality in education:

#1 Interactive Classes

Have you ever heard about active learning and passive learning? Both of these techniques can have highly different outcomes. Lecturing gives information but increases the chances of higher passive students.

What do you think, are the teacher at fault? No, absolutely no! It is the system that you as a business person has made. By using tools like Microsoft Hololens, you can create an interactive learning experience for the students involved with your organization.

This will not only assure better results but also increase the ability of deep learning among students. Deep learning is when you understand and remember everything. This is only possible with interactive sessions of students using technologies like VR apps and AR apps.

#2 Motivated Students

Anything different and surprising can make humans more interested. Do you experience high excitement level before starting a new project? Same is with the students. You will have to use this fact for your business growth with the help of a mobile app development company.

This technology has the ability to transform every lecture into an exciting learning experience. This will constantly unfold new surprises for the students. The eager students will get motivated to a great extent to learn everything that will discover in the AR world.

#3 Enhanced learning environment

Have you heard about Chromville, the popular art AR app? It allows students to color the characters in a different way. The uncolored characters start to lose their life and colored characters can be brought to life. Like it’s shown in the picture below:

This amazing experience changes the complete learning environment for students. In fact, it adds thrill to their boring art class. Why don’t you think of some innovative AR learning apps like this?

It will not only bring business to you but also add relevance to your every effort of improving the education system. Create an AR app idea and contact with an app development company to execute it.

#4 Cost-effective

Yes! Including augmented reality app development can make your education industry business cost-effective. You must be wondering that how an additional technology app can reduce the cost instead of increasing it.

This is because of the study models like 3-D posters, prototypes, physical models can be expensive and have the risk of getting hampered with time. Their maintenance and replacement cost can make your business processes more expensive in the long run.

On the other hand, AR does not have such risks. These apps do not get stolen or lost. In fact, they can enhance learning opportunities at home as well as the classroom for students. This eliminates the need for purchasing study materials again and again.

#5 Increased memory

AR educative models cover a vast range of topics. Students have access to these informative apps and websites always which helps them in retaining every piece of information.

For example, there is an app called Moon Phases AR wherein 3D visuals are used to explain the movements of Earth and Moon around the Sun. Students can comprehend the distances, sizes and take a quiz to check their understanding.

The benefits of such apps in enhancing the memory of students, in the long run. It is highly appreciable globally. There is a need for more such AR apps in the education industry to cover different subjects. Deploying your resources to develop such an app can be a smart decision for your business.

#6 Enriched Story Telling

Today, a number of AR apps like BBC Augmented reality app, are helping people to see various cultures, landscapes, and artifacts from around the world. What do you think, a student will remember more, a visually seen Egypt civilization or the chapter on this topic in his/her book?

We all know that visuals have greater ability to get retained in our mind. An app that has improved the storytelling process is Civilization AR. This app is capable of showing 3D visuals of ancient civilizations to students for better understanding.

Such AR app ideas are overpowering the traditional way of storytelling in the education industry. This creates a fun-time as well as enhance the learning capacity of learners.

#7 Takes to Past and Future

A famous quote by American Educator, Herbert Gerjuoy, “Tomorrow’s illiterate will not be the man who can’t read; he will be the man who has not learned how to learn”. This is what we have to find the keys for!

How can you, through your AR educational app make more and more students educated about how to learn? The perfect way is by exposing their minds to the past, present, and future. The number of examples of apps above is focusing on this.

When students interact with past events through apps like BBC civilization AR and take a ride into the future, their problem-solving abilities improve. They discover what is to be found out and learned about on their own.

#8 Ready-made Resources

A lot of books publishers have joined hands with Artificial intelligence company India. They have made their books Augmented Reality technology enabled. For instance, there are these books called Carlton books

These books have pictures encoded with AR technology. All that a student will require to have is a smartphone with which they can scan these pictures and bring them to life. This reduces the burden of the education planners to make an interactive lecture.

This will also eliminate the need for a session where teachers will use other technologies and expensive study models to make their students understand in a better way. This will not only result in increased efforts and expenditure but also gives lesser bright results.

#9 Provides Sensory Development

Emotions are a strong way of impacting someone’s thoughts. If your business uses an app which interacts with real-world feelings of learners, it will improve their psychological approach towards their learning time period.

The mental dexterity of children can be enriched by a constant focus of sensory development through such apps. An optimum example of such apps is Crayola Color Alive which makes the colored characters to fly out and come to life.

They interact with students which trigger their senses and in the long run improves them. Such emotionally interactive apps have a high market demand today. Therefore, make sure to introduce such AR apps that make students a part of them instead of being mere observers.

#10 Better Learning Process

Have you ever seen a student struggling to learn the details of historical places? Or, have you ever faced a similar situation in your childhood? How perfect it would have been to use an app that can inform you about everything around?

Such imaginations have become reality for children of contemporary times. Say, for example, there is an app, Field Trip that uses the GPS location of the device to inform students about the nearby monuments and other historical places.

These are enjoyable and fun learning activities which can become a part of curious children’s daily routine. The learning process which these apps are introducing is way better than the traditional ones. It entices curiosity and gives answers to all of them.


The EdTech world is utilizing augmented reality technology to improve its traditional ways of imparting knowledge. Augmented reality has benefited the education industry by shifting the focus from reading and writing to understanding and experiencing.

Share your views with us in the comment section below!

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